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Overwatch 2Nov 4, 2015 1:00 pm CT

Overwatch’s hidden Easter eggs

Overwatch is a game filled with incredible detail. Each level feels alive with environments that have been polished over inch by inch. It’s no surprise, then, that with such detail Blizzard decided to throw in some Easter eggs for keen-eyed fans. Below are some of the Easter eggs I’ve managed to find while exploring the game’s vibrant levels.

Temple of Anubis

By far the level with the most references, the Temple of Anubis features nods to both the Warcraft and StarCraft franchises. As can be seen above, the level’s bricks feature hieroglyphics with a familiar symbol: the Horde icon. No one knows how it got there, but some believe the Horde visited the Temple of Anubis many years ago and taught the citizens how to build their temples (which would explain the symbol’s heavy use throughout the architecture).

Anubis - Murloc

Another reference to World of Warcraft, the military vehicle that serves as a start zone for teams features what looks to be graffiti of a Murloc with its signature “Mrglrglrlgl” noise written below. It’s unknown if this is meant to inspire the team inside or frighten the attackers outside.

Anubis - Hydralisk

And lastly, inside the same vehicle, players can find a trophy skull of a deadly Hydralisk from the StarCraft universe. Whoever took it down is not someone you want to face in combat.

Dorado - Diablo Pinata


Rounding out the Big Three of Blizzard’s universes, Diablo makes an appearance in Dorado… as a piñata. Mixed in among a few other party favors, players will find a couple Diablo piñatas that will explode in confetti and candy when shot. Sadly, no legendary loot drops from this particular Diablo.

Forgot Name - Dancing Robot

Volskaya Industries

In Volskaya, large robots roam in the distance, seemingly on patrol and committed to their duty. Apparently, though, some robots like to have fun when they think no one is looking. In the corner of the map closest to the first capture point, players can occasionally catch one of the robots dancing. The dance? “The Robot,” of course!

Forgot the Name - Airline Board


A small Easter egg, but there none the less, the “Arrivals” board in the Numbani airport terminal features numerous destinations. Among them, many of the locations of Activision Blizzard offices around the world, including Seoul, Cork, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Paris, Shanghai, Austin, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Versailles, and, of course, Irvine.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

“Never think nothing of names in video games,” that’s what I always say! In the barracks of Gibraltar are the last names of five apparent soldiers — who, as it turns out, are important members of the Overwatch team in both the game’s universe and ours. Helder Pinto, Dion Rogers, Philip Klevestav, Andrew Klimas, and Bram Eulaers are members of the Environment Art team for Overwatch and are responsible for much of the beautiful art in the game’s zones.

Hanamura - Murloc


And lastly, in addition to the bevy of arcade games, Hanamura also features a ramen noodle restaurant with a Murloc mascot in a spaceship of all things. While adorable 2D Murlocs (like the one below the mascot) can be seen throughout, the mascot will actually elicit everyone’s favorite/most terrifying Murloc noises when shot.

Overwatch is full of rich levels, each with hidden details that reward players who take the time to look. These are just some of the Easter eggs found so far — I’m sure many more are on their way in the months to come.

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