The Dennis Hawelka Award, Rosterpocalypse and more in esports We’re starting to see an upswing in news as we get closer to a new season. However, that doesn’t mean we have lots of events to watch.

StarCraft 2 goes free-to-play today First announced during BlizzCon 2017’s Opening Ceremony, StarCraft 2 is officially free-to-play starting today. Everyone will receive the first installment of the trilogy, Wings of Liberty, absolutely free.

StarCraft’s headed to the 2018 Olympics (sort of) If you follow Blizzard’s esports at all, you’re probably aware that the South Korean region is unlike any other. Regardless of the esport, the players are dominant and the fans show a tremendous amount of devotion.

BlizzCon 2017: Overwatch World Cup, HGC, WCS, Arena Championship esports recap In addition to new information from all our favorite games, there were also some amazing esports events at BlizzCon 2017. Here’s a quick recap of all the action that occurred this weekend in Anaheim.

BlizzCon 2017: Mira Han and Matt Horner are StarCraft 2’s latest Co-Op Commanders In addition to going free to play, StarCraft 2 announced yesterday that we’re getting a new Co-Op Commander for Co-Op Missions. The twist being that this time it’s actually two people: Mira Han and Matt Horner.

BlizzCon 2017: StarCraft 2 goes free to play Well, that happened. During today’s opening ceremonies, Blizzard President Mike Morhaime announced that on November 14th, everyone will get free access to StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty and anyone who already owns that will gain Heart of the Swarm, also for free.

StarCraft patch 1.20.8 focuses on matchmaking and friends With StarCraft: Remastered having a successful renaissance, we’re seeing new patches drop for the venerable franchise, and patch 1.20.8 recently arrived for everyone. Whether you’re a recently returned player or have been enjoying StarCraft for years, here’s what you should be paying attention to in the most recent patch.

StarCraft 2 introduces new Ladder Maps for Season 4 Starcraft 2 will be getting a variety of new maps for the map pool when the Season 4 Ladder starts for 2017. But just in case you can’t wait for Season 4 to start playing around with the new maps, you’re in luck.

Blizzard esports at BlizzCon 2017: What to expect This week there’s not much going on in Blizzard esports. This is the calm before the storm.

StarCraft 2 Patch 3.19 notes Patch notes for StarCraft 2 patch 3.19 have now been released. The notes include changes discussed in Blizzard’s preview for the Arcade and custom games.

StarCraft 2 previews patch 3.19’s Arcade and custom game improvements StarCraft 2 has released a preview of changes coming soon to the Arcade -- and many of them are changes players have wanted since the game's initial launch in 2010. The majority of the previewed changes are intended to make custom games more accessible, both easier to find and easier to play.

Latest StarCraft 2 patch adds Day[9] announcer, new co-op mutators StarCraft 2 may not always be in the spotlight as much as Blizzard’s other games, but that doesn’t mean it’s not chugging along with updates to its online components. In fact, if you haven’t launched StarCraft 2 in a while, go ahead and fire it up real quick.

Day9TV wants to teach you to play StarCraft In my family, my wife was the big StarCraft player. I never really played it.

Astronaut Daniel Barry took StarCraft to literal space If you’ve ever packed for a long car trip with limited space, you know what a dilemma it can be to choose what to bring along for entertainment. You don’t have room for both the Harry Potter books and the Time Quintet.

Dehaka and new co-op missions come with StarCraft 2 patch notes StarCraft 2’s latest patch brings a big update with a new commander, missions, announcers, bug fixes, and more. First up is the latest co-op commander and announcer, Dehaka.

How do you decide which game to play? You really love Overwatch but patch 7.3 just dropped — how do you choose which one gets your time? Is it by which game has more friends wanting to play it with you?