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DiscussionJan 6, 2016 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Will you casually PVP in Legion?

For the past several years it’s felt to me that World of Warcraft didn’t want me to PVP.

The fact is, I’m never going to be a dedicated PVPer. Back in vanilla I took one look at the ladder and said nope, but when they changed the system so that you could buy gear with honor I started running it pretty obsessively on my Tauren. It was a way for him to actually get geared up for PVE content rather than counting on random dungeon drops. And some of the gear was comparable with MC/BWL epics, so I could let other people collect gear from those runs while staying competitive. I was very happy with it, even though people in Naxx gear would come stomp on my head from time to time.

Then it all changed.

The BC changes didn’t kill PVP gear for me — I could still farm up some solid epics that were about as good as gear available through other means, even if they wasted stat points on Resilience. Heck, my Shaman actually liked resil gear, he used it to tank with since he could push critical hits off the table with it. It wasn’t ideal and it wasn’t as good as late vanilla, but I persevered.

But each additional change to PVP was intended to please hardcore, die hard PVP only players, and that meant it wasn’t meant for me. I’m not and I never was one of those, I was there to accumulate some honor and buy some ‘good enough’ gear to lessen the effect of RNG in dungeons and raids. Essentially I existed so that good PVP players could farm me. I was okay with this — I got my hits in, helped win a few BG’s in my time, and moved on. But after Wrath, I felt that there simply wasn’t a place for me as a casual PVPer. Every new change left me more and more disinclined.

Now we’re at Legion, and I’m interested in PVP again, ironically because it’s removed the importance of specific PVP gear and stats and created a separate PVP system with its own talents. It feels like I can just run BG’s again when I’m feeling it, get some levels in, eventually get some gear if that’s what I want to do and that gear can be used anywhere. I like that. Once again the dedicated PVPers can farm my corpse.

How do you feel about the new honor system? Are you done with PVP, or looking to come back to it?

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