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Discussion > WoWFeb 15, 2016 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: What are your goals before Legion launches?


It looks like we have anywhere from four to seven months before Legion launches. There will be a pre-expansion event that was confirmed at BlizzCon, but that still gives a lot of time with no new content. So I’ve been working through my pre-Legion to-do list.

As I’ve mentioned a few times here on the site, I’ve been building an alt army. My goal is to have one of every healing class at max level as well as all the professions also at max level. I’m also working on a second Druid because I’m very excited about the Balance spec changes, but don’t want to spec out of my cat/tree combo of my main.

My secondary motive of building an alt army is to hit the gold cap through garrison missions. It’s a little more tedious, but I’ve never hit the gold cap before so it’s one of those things I see in my reach finally. Plus some days I just want to log in to do something relaxing and processing garrison missions fits the bill.

My final goal pre-Legion is to get flying in Draenor. It won’t make much of an impact on my game play as I’ll likely be leaving Draenor never to return, but I’m pretty close at this point and just want to finish it. Plus, I hate those players at the Tanaan Jungle bonus objectives who have flight and swoop in to snag mobs that clearly I was running towards. Soon I can be one of those jerk– oh, uh I mean, yeah, I can mark flying in Draenor off my list of accomplishments.

What do you have on your list before Legion lands?

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