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DiscussionMay 20, 2016 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Are Demon Hunters the last class WoW should add?

Demon Hunter

It’s no secret that some Warlocks are pretty unhappy about the addition of Demon Hunters to WoW. Losing Metamorphosis to Demon Hunters had pretty much ended any dreams of Warlock tanking we’ve seen raised and dashed and raised again over the years, and a lot of class flavor has been slashed off to make Warlocks distinct from Demon Hunters overall. I can relate — I remember when Death Knights got two handed weapon tanking and how it made my little Arms Warrior heart break.

When discussing this topic on the podcast, I specifically mentioned Blademasters as a potential class option that would essentially gut a class/spec, because the Arms Warrior is essentially a Blademaster. Bladestorm? Blademaster ability. Making Blademasters a class would mean losing a lot of talents and options (and not just from Arms, either) — it would steal too much from the Warrior class, rendering them lessened in the process.

So my question is, what class could WoW add that wouldn’t end up stealing some flavor from an existing class? Or should we just accept that WoW has at last hit enough classes?

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