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The QueueMay 21, 2016 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Order halls, hopes for the movie, Legion NPCs, and amazing artwork

It’s been a while since I wrote a proper Queue for Blizzard Watch. Usually these days I’m working constantly behind the scenes on stuff for the site, only occasionally popping out to write something. But this weekend you get a bit more of Adam — including Saturday’s and Sunday’s Queue.

The last one I wrote was on March 9th (this year)… let’s see if I remember how to do this. I think my answer about the movie will prove I still have got it.


A question for those playing the Legion Beta. One thing that I noticed and liked in WoD was that the Garrison NPC’s had a surprising amount of increased artificial intelligence build into them.

So has anyone noticed the Legion NPC’s doing anything new or surprising?

The Legion NPS in general continue to have various conversations amongst themselves and flavor text things going on, but the Draenor garrison NPCs were a unique thing. Those units were yours to command, you were in charge of them. That meant that by their very nature they followed a specific set of conduct rules; and because things were so regimented in that regard, it was easy-ish to code and represent in the game.

When the command walks by, salute if you can, always move out of his or her way, and make sure that you respond to their commands (or, in our case, invasions). That lead to a really amazing experience where the environment seemingly changed to your presence; a really cool thing that I think many people ended up glossing over.

Order halls have that to some extent, but it’s not really the same dig.


Will the Warcraft movie have a point where they need a warrior, a priest, and three-but-exactly-three-and-no-more-than-three other talented people to traverse a dungeon or cave and take out Gul’dan or some other big bad in an enclosed arena?

And just before the Big Bad is about to expire, little baby Thrall somehow appears and makes the final blow??

Funny — I had a sensible chuckle.

But I wanted to highlight this in here because it’s been something that’s been on my mind lately. I’m getting nervous about the Warcraft movie for the following super nitpicky reasons:

  • I want it to be a movie everyone can see, and not be a series of inside jokes
  • I want it to show what I love about this fandom, the deep story and the ability to get lost in it
  • I want a normal movie audience to go and see it and be well behaved; I don’t want it to smell like the worst parts of BlizzCon and advance the stereotype of the basement dwelling nerd

Let me re-emphasis that last point — I really don’t want to go to see this movie if it’s just going to be a bunch of kids (or adults that act like kids) going around being loud and socially awful. I have some fear that the crowds that will show up initially are going to be the same subversive people we all experience in LFR; and that’s really going to be bad for the genre.

From what I’ve seen of Warcraft over the years it has the potential to be amazing and lift the video game movies out of the current crud it exists in. They can become as popular as the comic book movies; but we, as a good part of the community, need to support that. I really am nervous about standing in line with my wife to get into the theater at the opening weekend and hearing what Mr. 20 Year Old Raid Leader has to say about my life choices. Of course that said, this is probably painting with too big of a brush here, but it’s been on my mind none-the-less.


Is the raft going to be a toy or account bound in Legion, or am I making things up in my head?

It will be a toy! Per the great and mystic Wowhead.


Q4TQ: What’s the deal with the Order Hall campaign? Can it be completed before 110 or does it require max level questing to complete?

As it stands on the beta, you’ll need to be level 110 to finish the order hall campaigns.


So I bought The Witcher 3 (plus the 2 previous games) for ’round U$20. Should I play from the first?

I’ve only gotten into the Witcher series the past couple years, and I started with Witcher 2 just because Witcher 3 wasn’t out yet at the time. That being said, I don’t think you’ll really miss anything by starting with three. There are certainly parts of the story that allude to things happening in the past, which you’d play through in the other games, but it’s well explained and not at all an issue to just start with the newest game and go forward from there.

And honestly all the games are pretty big — so you’ll probably get burnt out with two before you’ve had a change to get into three.


Adam, what’s your next Tavern Queue?

Why what a great question! My next Tavern Queue will be next Thursday or Friday, and it will be all about sushi. Yes, that wonderful raw food. Ask away! I’m an amateur sushi chef and spent way too much money over the years on this delicacy.

Finally, let me just highlight what Philster left as his comment on Friday’s Queue as part of Fan Art Friday… His sketch of Chromie. I’m impressed!


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