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The QueueJun 29, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: All That’s Left Is Locusts

Kind of a rough week for me. Floods, exiles, angry cats, it’s all been pretty horrible. I’m writing this Queue from a hotel room and I don’t know when I’ll get to go home again. But at least we’re all here, right?

Let’s talk Blizzard games. I could use the distraction.


Q4tQ: When 7.0 hits, what is the first thing you are going to do? Dive right into the Legion invasion event? Fill up your transmog tab while freeing up bag space? Roll and begin leveling a Gnome Hunter?

Almost certainly I’ll be fixing my addons.

After that, I’ll likely log on all my various characters to get their transmog stuff added to the wardrobe, which will take a while (at least 20 minutes, I’d expect) and after that I’ll probably go do some of the Invasion stuff.


What I am curious about is this, and I HAVE NOT been able to find a proper answer anywhere.

Will my Legendary wow gaming mouse, work just fine with Windows 10 or not? My guess is yes, but I would really hate upgrading and finding out that my mouse with easy extra wow buttons, doesn’t work correctly any more

That’s the mouse I’m using, and it works fine with Windows10. So as far as I can tell it should work for you too.


Q4TQ: so what do you think of the ilvl+ system in Legion? And how mad will you be when you’re 1-in-1000 mega-titanforged upgrade are bracers?

If I need bracers, I’ll be happy.

I generally like that dungeon loot and other sources of gear will remain relevant longer and that even geared raiders will have a slight possibility of an upgrade. Especially with no weapon drops in dungeons/raids t his expansion, loot needed something to make it more exciting. (NGL, weapon drops have always been my big ‘yay, loot’ items in dungeons or raids.)


What’s a minor feature in Legion that you’re unaccountably excited for? Mine is the return of Blood Worms for Blood DKs. For whatever reason, I’m weirdly attached to those grubs as an iconic part of being a Blood DK; I was sad they went away in WoD (and really wished there had been a cosmetic glyph that gave us the grubs without the healing), and giddy they’ll be back.

Warrior combat animations.

Seriously, I’m pretty happy with all of them,  (although I miss the spinning blades on Bladestorm they added and that everyone but me seemed not to like) and in general I am very torn between Arms and Fury — both look cool, and while I like the Arms artifact better, Rampage is just the sweetest combat sequence animation ever, I love hitting that button just to watch it go off.

I really like Fury’s animations the best — Prot doesn’t feel as potent, the attacks don’t hit viscerally hard in comparison. Arms is also pretty solid.


Is there an item/consumable that will reroll the secondary stats on Baleful items from Tanaan? I seem to keep ending up with Versatility on everything, which is not so useful for anybody but my sub rogues, none of whom are level 100.

No, you can’t reroll stats on Baleful items.


Q4TQ… With the Summer Festival going on, and me already having done that long ago, the quests that give the tabards on the summer boss Ahune… I completed them and trashed the tabards long ago… am I good on those tabards for Wardrobe in Legion even though I trashed them (cuz, completed quest), or do they reset every summer and do I need to require the tabards for Legion?

You can just go to the Visitor’s Center in Dalaran and get the tabards back from the tabard vendor. You don’t need to pay anything as far as I can tell, just check and see which tabards she’s offering to return to you. I went and got like 12 back, got Fabulous as soon as I logged onto the Beta.

Okay, that’s The Queue for this Wednesday. I’m going to go back to wondering when I’ll ever get to go home again. I can’t come up with a good segue so I’ll just say my book’s still on Amazon if you’re feeling generous and you haven’t bought it yet. My cats thank you.

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