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The Queue: Headcanon

So I recently leveled my 10th level 100 thanks to invasions (five Warriors – Human, Worgen, two Draenei and a Night Elf plus two Demon Hunters, a Hunter, a Shaman and a Paladin) and when I got the most recent Warrior to Stormwind I found myself constructing a story for her in my head. She’s a Night Elf, a traditionalist who thinks a man’s place is sleeping in a barrow den somewhere talking to trees. She absolutely thinks she should be running the whole war against the Legion and she’s not very deferential to her people’s ‘leaders’ at all.

So during the scene in the throne room she was pretty much all you know, Jaina’s got a lot of good arguments. If Jaina starts her own faction, I think she’d be down for a gig as Jaina’s new Night Elf bodyguard.

Yeah, it didn’t work out great for the last one, but that sort of proves her point.

This is the Queue. Let’s chat.

The Queue: In the bleak midwinter

As I write this it’s been well above freezing for days, and nearly all the snow has melted. I’m not fooled — it’s winter in Canada, it’s going to come roaring back and dump frozen water all over us, that’s what it does. But it’s still bizarre to be in shirtsleeves weather in January. (Yes, slightly above freezing is shirtsleeves weather in Alberta.)

Time, my friends.

Here’s the Queue. Let’s talk about Blizzard games. There may be spoilers for Legion in this one. If there are, I’ll make sure to mention them in the question/answer part so you can skip them.

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