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WoWAug 3, 2016 3:00 pm CT

Lightsworn: Acquiring iconic Paladin transmog

Hey, Blizzard Watch, it’s hammer time!

The new Wardrobe system was my favorite part of the Legion pre-patch. It has provided me with bag space, oh glorious bag space. I went from having maybe 4 or 5 slots free to having dozens of slots free. To put the new tool and all those free slots to good use, I started farming up some of the iconic transmog options Paladins have. It’s a nice little activity while we wait for the demons to start invading.

What I’ve laid out here is the route I follow to farm up the various pieces of these sets.

Judgment armor

Tier 2 aka Judgment Armor is the most iconic set of Paladin armor and players have been using it for transmog ever since the system was first introduced. While many Paladins have gathered this set over the years, I never did.

My journey starts in Stormwind to visit the Doomsayers, then I fly over to the Blackrock Mountain between the Burning Steppes and the Searing Gorge. At the bottom of the moutain is a High Elf that you talk to and before you can say “Kara Kazham!” you’re in Molten Core.

The only Judgment piece (Judgment Legplates) in Molten Core drops from the big guy, Ragnaros, but you have to clear most of the bosses to get to him. Don’t hesitate to pick up various pieces of the Tier 1 Lawbringer armor along the way, but I don’t recommend you use any of them for transmog, well, ever.

After you finish off the Firelord, go back outside, fly up and look for a window. Once you are up there, open your map and it will lead you to entrance of Blackwing Lair. There will be an item to interact with rather than a standard raid portal.

Most of the bosses in the raid drop pieces of Tier 2.

You shouldn’t have any trouble with the various bosses except for Razorgore. When I first zoned in, I saw a mob named Razorgore on the platform. According to the Internet, that’s the French supermodel, I mean the dragon, with the mad purps. I proceeded to walk up to Mr. Scaleyhide and give him a little Avenger’s Shield love.

The chuckling you hear from the back of the room is the players who have experience with Razorgore. You see when Razorgore dies, you die.


There’s an Orb of Domination on the other side of the room that you use to take control of Razorgore. This was a vehicle fight before Blizzard had the vehicle tech in the game. You have to use Razorgore to destroy the eggs scattered about the room. The problem is once you have destroyed a couple of eggs, a bunch of adds start spawning. Some go for you on the platform, but plenty peel off for Razorgore. You can’t use any AOE to take out the adds or you’ll kill Razorgore, who remains hostile to you. Remember that whole when Razorgore dies, you die idea? Good. They spawn too quickly to single target kill them, get control of Razorgore again and destroy the eggs before more adds show up. The trick that I learned from several Google searches was to right click the Orb of Domination as Razorgore. This would reset Razorgore on the adds threat table and they would all flood to the platform where your character is. I found this solution to be a bit, uh, wonky. The first few times I tried it, it didn’t work, but about the fourth time it did and I beat the encounter.

After Blackwing Lair the only piece of Tier 2 left is the Judgment Crown. The black dragon, Onyxia, guards it in her lair located on Kalimdor in the southern part of Dustwallow Marsh, but we have more business to attend to first and we will visit Onyxia later in the our trip.

Due in large part to its popularity, in the Burning Crusade expansion, the developers introduced a purple version of the armor scattered over the various 5 man dungeons. From Blackwing Lair, use your Garrison hearthstone and take the portal to Stormshield and then the portal to Stormwind. You’ll be standing right next to the portal to Outland. Go say hi to the Doomsayers and then take the portal to Outland.

A couple of pieces drop only in the Heroic version of the instance. The developers removed the old Burning Crusade era attunements which required Revered reputation with various Outland groups so I’d recommend to set all of these instances to Heroic. These are all plate pieces so you can farm them on any plate wearing toon. Just remember the difference between us and Warriors. We make this look good!

Fly over to Hellfire Ramparts and knock over Omor the Unscarred (Justice Bearer’s Pauldrons).

Now go west, young dwarf, go west and grow up in Zangarmarsh. You’ll find a vortex in the middle of the zone that will let you dive down towards Serpent Shrine Cavern.

Now that you’ve had your fill of Naga for the night, head southeast to Talador. In the southern part of the zone, you’ll find the ruins of Auchindoun. The instance you need here is the Shadow Labyrinth and the third boss can drop the Breastplate of Many Graces. Since you are going to already be there, you might as well swing over and say hi Anzu in Sethekk Halls for a shot at the Reins of the Raven Lord.

You may get to see more of Outland than you did while leveling. I’m not saying you’ll want to build a summer home there, but the trees in Nagrand are actually quite lovely.


Tirion Fording

Perhaps instead of the Tier 2 Spanish Inquisition, which of course, no one expects, you’d like to have armor matching one of the great Paladin heroes, Highlord Tirion Fording.

Fordring has had a couple of different looks in the game has he progressed from a hermit to lead to Argent Crusade and then lead the Ashen Verdict to the peak of Ice Crown Citadel.

Outside of Ice Crown, you’ll most often see Tirion in Tier 6 Lightbringer armor, named after the Silver Hand’s founder, Uther the Lightbringer. This is my personal favorite set and the one I’m using most of the time. It’s not only that I’m a huge fan of Fordring, but also that T6 fits with my ideal of what I think Paladin armor should look like, minus the halo inspired head piece that should be on a Priest tier.

To collect Tier 6, you are in for a bit more traveling. If you’ve been following along my path, you’ll be in Talador. Tier 6 had 8 pieces, with the boots, bracers and belt introduced in the Sunwell Plateau raid, but those pieces don’t match as well as other gear that dropped in the original T6 raids. Swing up to Shattrah and purchase the Waistguard of Reparation. Now it’s a short hop, flap and a jump over to Shadowmoon Valley to enter the Black Temple.

The first boss in Black Temple is High Warlord Najentus who has a chance to drop the Tide Stomper’s Greaves or the Pearl Inlaid Boots. Both provide a more seamless look with Tier 6 than the official Tier 6 Lightbringer Stompers. The rest of the T6 is deep into the instance. The shoulder token drops from the seventh boss, Mother Shahraz, and at Level 100, you won’t need your Shadow Resist gear to kill her! Illidari Council, the eigth boss, has the leg token. The chest token comes from none other than Illidan himself. Hang on to the tokens because the vendor, Tydormu, awaits you at Hyjal Summit.

You’ll have to decide if it’s worth the time to do the original Black Temple attunement quest line. While it is no longer needed for entry into the instance, it does award the Blessed Mediallion of Karabor which will teleport you to the Black Temple for your later farming runs. The chain contains some excellent lore and with Illidan looking to play a major role again in Legion, it may be well worth it if you’ve never done it.

Now we head over to the Caverns of Time. I do the whole Garrison to Stormshield to Stormwind portal hop. I swing by the Doomsayers again and then grab the portal to Pandaria. I fly up to the Shrine and pickup the portal to the Caverns of Time. Be sure to get your frequent portal user card punched.

Now’s the time to fly north and hit Onyxia’s Lair before you can come back to the Caverns of Time. Your destination is the famous battle at Mount Hyjal. This was the place to be a Paladin tank in Burning Crusade. Once inside, turn in your tokens from the Black Temple.

Mt. Hyjal bosses were like modern day scenarios where you faced wave after wave of enemies and then the big bad showed up. Your prizes are on the fourth boss, Azgalor, and the final boss, Archimonde. Azgalor can also drop the Girdle of Hope which matches with the rest of the Lightbringer armor if you don’t want to plunk down the gold for the Waistguard of Reparation.



Once inside Ice Crown Citadel, Tirion switched over to Tier 10 Lightsworn and that’s the same armor he’s still wearing when Legion starts.

There are actually three different variations of T10, and each has a different color palette. Tirion’s is more yellow/gold and doesn’t match any of the ones available to players which are green (251), red (264) or purple (271).

You could start with buying the 251 pieces with gold and then farming up tokens to upgrade the 251 set to 264 and then to 271. That sounds like a ton of farming. Your other option is to farm up pieces that look like the Tier set but drop as offset pieces in the instance.

As long as you are going to be bumping around Ice Crown Citadel, you might as well pick up the quest for Shadowmourne so you can work on that as well.

With any of these iconic looks, you should look fabulous when you face the Legion, dahling.

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