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WoWAug 29, 2016 3:31 pm CT

Which zone should I start with in Legion?


With Legion, you will be following a non-linear path in your quest to reach level cap. The mobs and zone content will scale up with your level,  so you can hit up zones in any order that you’d like. (Though keep in mind that as you approach level 110, the mobs you’ll be engaging will become a little tougher, so approach enemies with caution.)

But this begs the question: Is there a “right” order to play through the zones? And the answer is… not really. Each zone has its own self-contained storyline so you won’t have to worry about missing out on story elements no matter where you start.

But if you can’t decide, here’s a quick list pros and cons list for leveling through each zone.


Pros: You’ll come across a contingent of Demon Hunters as they attempt to repel incoming Legion forces. Meanwhile, you’ll get a chance to lend aid to members of the blue Dragonflight. Those of who are interested in getting a jump on (most) crafting profession quests want to head Azsuna immediately. (Exception: Leatherworking players actually start in Val’Sharah.)

Cons: Naga. Lots of Naga. Expect to move around through both shallow and deep water so if you don’t have an Azure Water Strider or a similar movement mount, you’re going to get annoyed at the swimming speed.


Pros: The return of the Vrykul. You’ll get a grappling hook which will be essential in traversing across certain areas of the map. The opening zone quest is a quick scenario which can be beneficial to you if you don’t want to compete with other players for quest objectives. Apparently, Hearthstone’s Sir Finley Mrrrrglton has been spotted around here. Lastly, Fjarnskaggl.

Cons: Everyone else might be doing the same thing as you are and starting in Stormheim as well.


Pros: If you happen to have Goblin Glider Kit or other similar devices and spells, you’ll want to have them handy. It’s easy to fly and glide around in order to quickly travel to certain quest hubs. Nesingwary’s camp is here which means you’ll be helping him catch some big game. [Ed’s note: For those of you who hate Nesingwary’s kill all the things quests, this could also be a con.]

Cons: The main hub is a Tauren outpost on top of (and within) a mountain. The elevator isn’t exactly the fastest to get from the lower levels to the upper levels. As a Priest, I just jump into the elevator shaft and Levitate my way down.  I’d save this zone last or else you’ll be tapping your foot impatiently as you wait for the elevator… and I’m sure we all know from experience how dangerous WoW’s elevators can be.


Pros: I like to think of this zone as Ashenvale 2.0. Personally, I think Val’sharah is a great middle zone to level through. There’s no real reason to start here other than the amount of lore you’d be exposed to as you’ll be assisting Malfurion and Tyrande as you progress here.

Cons: Fairly lore heavy zone. It can blow your mind and cause you top stop playing temporarily as you process what just happened, which could be a real problem for speed levelers.

Regardless of what order you do the different zones in, it is absolutely imperative that you progress in each zone in order to complete Uniting the Isles. This is the only way to unlock world quests which will help with rewards that can progress your character, your Artifact weapon, and your Class Order Hall.

Still can’t decide? Check out our zone preview round-up for a closer look at what you can expect from each zone… or you can just roll the dice and pick at random.

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