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The Queue: Leaving this one to Mitch

Okay, so I wrote part of the Queue and now I’m just going to tell Mitch to finish it. I’m sure I will not regret this at all. So now let’s get to the questions!


Is anyone else feeling stuck at ilvl 840 with no real way to progress? LFR, Heroics, and World Quests are no longer offering upgrades baring a full random upgrade to epic when something drops and even then it’s just replacing an 835 piece with an 840 piece.

I have tried and tried to join a Mythic group but as a dps my application gets denied every time. I’ve killed the new world boss each week but have yet to have the RNG God’s smile on me and I only get 1 shot at loot from them a week as it is.

I really don’t understand why Mythic is gated the way it is as it’s impossible for me to run even one. This is having an impact on my ability to gear, as well as progress in my professions and my Class Hall campaign.

Liz: The RNG gods can be rough to deal with, and they’re pretty much who you’re counting on because you want Warforged (+10 ilevels) or, preferably, Titanforged (+15 ilevels or more). You can get (up to) 850 gear with world boss drops, reputation gear, and your class hall set. World Quest gear should scale up as your gear gets better, which means they should always (or almost always) offer gear upgrades. I think your best hope here is a guild that does regular runs, fits with your schedule, and doesn’t get bent out of shape because you have lower ilevel or your DPS isn’t completely perfect. Mitch is super great, by the way.

Mitch: Wow, thanks, Liz! Such kind words. As for gear, I will definitely say that the climb from ~800 to 840 went pretty quickly but then leveled off significantly. Really, the fastest way to keep raising your item level beyond 840 (if you’re not raiding) is to do Mythic+ dungeons. And if your applications are being denied, then I highly recommend listing your own group. It might sound a bit daunting to do, but if you list it, you not only have a guaranteed spot when it fills (and it will), but you can even broadcast that it’s a group intended for new-to-Mythic players.

Liz: Well spoken as always, Mitch.


QftQ: What’s your favourite Legion zone so far? Two answers allowed if you wanna pick one for aesthetics and one for story!

Liz: Val’sharah, which was gorgeous and had a great storyline (aside from there being too much Malfurion; Tyrande can really do better). I’m really excited to see Mitch’s answer, though. He always has great responses.

Mitch: You flatter me, Liz. Razwick, are we talking leveling zones here? If not, Suramar, hands down. If we are, then Stormheim was my favorite. Even if the Sylvanas/Greymane stuff wasn’t really “there” enough, it still had Sylvanas/Greymane stories to begin with. Plus, everything about it reminds me of Wrath — pay extra attention to the music! Blizzard did a great job incorporating several Wrath elements in the music to reflect the visual aesthetic. Sadly, I think Val’Sharah was my least favorite, though it’s objectively not a bad zone by any means.

Liz: Your opinion is different than mine, but I still respect it. You’re so much better than Rachelle.


Q4tQ: I think it’s predestined that we will see at least one Metzen-themed commemoration in WoW. Do you put your GP on a place, an item, a spell, or an NPC?

Liz: I’m going to bet on a NPC in a major city like Stormwind or Orgrimmar (or both!). You know how Ben Brode has an NPC in both the Horde and Alliance garrisons? It could be like that. Or maybe he’d be like Khadgar’s assistant and follow you around accusing you of not reading the quest text.

Mitch: I mean…He did voice Varian. That’s definitely one send-off that I won’t see the same after knowing Metzen has retired. Outside of that, I would guess he gets an NPC with some sort of related quest. Probably one that’s a bit silly but will make you teary eyed when you finish it.

Liz: Your skillful and witty writing always brings a tear to my eye, Mitch.


Q4TQ: Do you feel that Nomi is a well-balanced adult? There was so much stress during his formative years. Is his tendency towards pyromania sha-related?

Liz: Am I feeling… sympathy?!… for Nomi?! Maybe we are kind of hard on the guy… He’s had a rough time living through us absolutely destroying Pandaria and all.

Mitch: Nomi is a metaphor for anyone who tries to follow their dreams only to realize those dreams just don’t fit with who they are as a person. You may adamantly refuse to quit, but it’s not gonna stop you from getting burned.

Liz: You speak with the insightful wisdom of a man many years beyond your own.

Mitch: Swagalicious.


Q: Are class trials gone? Is there a good way to learn to play a tank/healer without subjecting other people to my learning curve?

Liz: Class trials are still there, but they’re more of a “try before you buy” before getting a leveling boost. They walk you through things, but definitely don’t teach you everything — and they’re locked to a single spec. Still, you can give them a go! Just create a new character and click “class trial” at the top of the screen. It will give you a level 100 of a certain spec (Priest s are Discipline, for example) and run you through a short scenario. Anne did a walkthrough video of it with her Paladin .

Liz: As to learning to heal or tank… I’m not sure it’s a huge help. My advice would be to research your class and rotation, then research the dungeon you’re going to so you know what to expect. Especially if you’re tanking, you need to know the dungeon. Start at normal dungeons (or LFR raids, which can be extremely forgiving because there are multiple healers to pick up any slack) and work your way up. And, ideally, find a group of guildmates or friends who know your situation. They’ll be more flexible than a PUG.

Mitch: This sort of goes back to my earlier reply, but seriously, be the one to form the group, notify your group mates you’re new to the role, and take it slow. Guildies and friends are a better first option, mind you, but never under estimate the power of open and honest communication.

Liz: Like these Queue answers!


2 Bosses Enter: Murky vs Brightwing

Liz: Have you met Brightwing? This adorable yet murderous creature is going to take anyone down and have fun doing it.

Mitch: Um.. yeah, Brightwing is terrifying. She’ll take down anyone and anything that gets in her way, and she’ll do it all with a smile on her face, thinking of her next kill.

Liz: Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing an in-depth breakdown of this fight’s play-by-play, Mitch. Watch, I bet something crazy and unexpected would happen!

Mitch: Oh, you!

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