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The QueueJan 6, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: A hard landing

Every time my Warriors come leaping down to land and blow up everything around them in Legion, I find myself wishing that Heroic Leap blew up the ground this effectively.

Let us look at questions and answers, shall we? It’s been a rough week for me, I could use the distraction.


Next Week: Could a Murloc defeat a Treasure Goblin?

Well, are they fighting in an enclosed space or can the Murloc do his ‘rgggharghle’ and summon every Murloc in a fifty yard radius? After all, that Treasure Goblin is running away from their friend.


I haven’t played WoW in some time, but I always feel a twinge of bad when I miss out on one-off events, like when I missed the 10-year anniversary stuff a couple years ago. Did they ever implement that “veteran account” thing where you could log into an existing character and not really do anything but at least get log-in credit for stuff? It was something brought up I think maybe 2 years ago now, separate from trial accounts, but I don’t remember seeing much more about it afterwards.

Not separate from trial accounts exactly, no. I’m told you can log on to an existing sub-20 character on an account even if you’re not subscribed but I have no way of testing this. At any rate, no, the ‘veteran’s account’ idea was never implemented.


Could it happen?

Editor’s Note: If you don’t want to click that link and watch a video, Calysia has linked to a website speculating about a possible Warcraft movie sequel.

The Warcraft movie made $433 million dollars worldwide, a great deal of that money in China. You’re asking me if a sequel could happen? Absolutely it could.

Alien: Covenant was made on the strength of Prometheus’ worldwide box office of $403 million. It’s simply inarguable that Warcraft did better on a similar budget (Prometheus had a 130 million budget vs. Warcraft at 160 million) and Warcraft, despite a much worse domestic box office, did remarkably well overseas.

So yes, Warcraft very well could get a sequel.


Question For the Queue!
Do you think Blizzard should stop referencing its other games and pop-culture references in general? They really seem to overdo it to point when they do a special event such as Diablo Anniversary treasure goblin in WoW it just isn’t special. Would of had no idea it was happening if not for Blizzardwatch

In general, I’m fine with pop culture references as long as they don’t feel shoehorned in or otherwise distract me from a story. Uldum is an example of where I felt like they were going way, way too far, but I was fine with the Star Wars references back in Blade’s Edge in The Burning Crusade.

My biggest problem with the Diablo anniversary event in WoW is that I think it should have been much, much bigger. Like, Diablo himself invading Azeroth big. 20 years deserves more than some cows.


With several specs being ruined is there any talk of Blizzard putting in a mechanic where we can get a refund of our artifact knowledge we have in a useless spec?

There is no talk of that outside of people who feel like their spec has been ruined, really. Blizzard knew the AP system was going to end up causing people to have to grind. To a certain degree I suspect that’s exactly why they went with it — it keeps content like World Quests and Mythics evergreen longer as people try and get all three (or four or two) of their Artifacts up to par. If you have an Artifact that’s way behind, Artifact Knowledge is designed to help you catch it up faster.

I’m not saying it’s ideal — I switched Artifacts a while back and I’m still behind because of it — but it’s the system and it’s deliberate.


QftQ: Are you burned out a bit too already ?
That was a joke to ask 37 days ago.

Not doing instances, so WQ’s. 1 Level away from max. Artifact and
1 Level away from ” x times you earn AP thing” :-)
Pretty blocked on moving on because 20 of my 25 Quests are
“go to an instance”.

I do understand this is an MMO, so I’m not complaining on any terms in any way.
Anxiety is a bitch.
(Took me 3 beers to write this. Tadumtiscishy)

I’m not burning out because I basically took all of November and much of December off and only really started playing seriously again in mid December. I feel like breaks are helpful in that regard, and it hasn’t hurt that with the holiday break the folks I raid with aren’t raiding right now.

But it’s like any other game for me. I go in cycles, sometimes I’m super invested (like I was in Diablo 3 back in August) and sometimes I’m barely involved. Right now I’m playing WoW daily again and I’m enjoying it.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Thanks for helping to distract me from the awful that happened to me this week. I’ll see you guys next Tuesday.

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