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The Queue: Magic mountain

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Charlie’s seen some better days. They were the good old days, when his kidney wasn’t hanging out in a treasure box, but in his body where it belonged.

…exactly how you get Artifact Power out of a kidney, I don’t know, but I think I’m better off not knowing. Let’s get to your questions!


q4tq: are you aiming to unlock all appearances for all artifact weapons on your main for completions sake, even if it means doing stuff you wouldn’t normally do otherwise (whether PvP or raiding); or are you just going to try for the colours/styles that you like?

You know, I’m usually pretty obsessed with collecting just about everything under the sun, but Artifact appearances don’t really do it for me, for some reason. And it’s a little odd, because I’m usually all about appearance-related collecting. I’ll go farm old dungeons and raids for transmog all the time. Weapons, for some reason, just don’t hold the same appeal.

It also might have something to do with the fact that I primarily play on an RP server. I don’t think any of my characters are actually using even the default Artifact appearance — they’re all transmogged to something else. Personal preference, I guess!


Q4tQ: so no Orc paladins but with Delas Moonfang are playable nelf paladins in the works?

It’s certainly possible. I mean, back before the new race/class combinations were announced in Cataclysm, we certainly had more than enough hints that they were on the way. But nothing’s actually been announced — for all we know, Delas is just a super cool character, not the shining herald for a new age of Light wielding kaldorei.

In situations like this, I usually recommend that people don’t get super invested in the idea. When people do, they build up an expectation, and then they get really disappointed when the thing that was never a thing doesn’t actually become a thing. It’s best to just wait and see — and in the meantime, enjoy the coolness of Delas as the character stands now.


Q4TQ: Who is Trilliax’s master? He hints in his intro speech that whomever the master was Trilliax killed them.

We don’t actually have that information — the best we can do is take a look at the adventure guide entry. Apparently, Trilliax was  a “proud servant to the nightborne aristocracy” — but other than that, we’ve got no details. Whoever they were, they’re dead now, so it’s almost a moot question at this point.


With night-elves being nigh-immortal for so long, can we estimate how many generations they’ve been around for?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell. Pretty much every major figure in Night Elf lore has been around since the Sundering — that’s a span of 10,000 years. We know that plenty of elves have died over that time period, what with various conflicts and wars, but we have no idea how many Night Elves were actually born in that period. Heck, we don’t even know what constitutes a generation in Night Elf nomenclature, for that matter!


Do we know what it took to make the San’layn? and why don’t Acherus Death Knights get them? would be cool to see hanging around

San’layn is actually the name of the faction — Darkfallen is the general term for that particular branch of the Scourge. The Darkfallen were once part of the group of Blood Elves that were loyal to Kael’thas and followed him to Lordaeron, and later Outland. When Illidan was ordered to go to Northrend and deal with Arthas directly, Kael’thas went with him, and took a contingent of his forces along. After Illidan’s defeat, most of these forces returned to Outland, but some unlucky members were scattered across the continent — and Arthas hunted them down, one by one. When he inevitably caught up with them, he used the same methods as he did with any of his followers, presumably — using Frostmourne to twist them into the Darkfallen and recruiting them into the Scourge.

Since Arthas is long gone, and Frostmourne is no longer in operation, it’s presumed that whatever methods he used to create the San’layn died right along with him. They were an elite force, not like the Death Knights of Acherus, who were pretty much supposed to be cannon fodder in order to lure Tirion Fordring out of hiding. The new Lich King hasn’t done anything other than sit on his throne, for now, so I think it’s doubtful we’ll see any more Darkfallen show up.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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