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The QueueMar 14, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Break some worlds

Absolutely one of my favorite weapons in WoW. If I was going to do a list of my favorite 2h’s, it would easily make the top five.

This is the Queue. Let’s begin.


One of my guildies has a huge issue with motion sickness in game on anything that requires a lot of movement. I get motion sick IRL, but never had it kick in ingame.

However, I have very recently found a quest that makes me dizzy every time I do it, and I have to complete it to get the pillar in that zone.

It’s the one in Narthalas Academy, where you have to draw the runes. I have the easiest time drawing them using a top down view, but it makes me dizzy as hell.

Other thing I can’t do is watch myself fall off a cliff into water. It’s not an issue with slowfall on my mage, but any class that doesn’t have that, if I jump off something high, I have to close my eyes or I get that stomach-dropping feeling

One of the consequences of my retinopathy is that my right eye is essentially useless and my left eye has to do all of the work, but my right eye is just working enough to create ghosts or shadows when I look at things in game. So I get massive motion sickness when I play a video game now. The Rune Drawing quest doesn’t trigger it, but I definitely get it when there’s a lot of spell effects (like, say, a raid) and it makes tanking absolutely painful.


QftQ: Would you like to see the return of reforging?

At this point in the expansion I still find it extremely hard to find Haste for my characters that need it as their secondary stat after their primary stat (Str, Int or Agility).

I was having a conversation with a friend about haste because her shadow priest was having trouble dealing DPS in a raid last night due to not having enough haste. I jokingly said “WTB reforgers” and she said “Yeah seriously. If they’re not gonna make decent gear drops where there’s equal chances to get haste crit and mastery bring back reforge.”

God I can’t get rid of Haste. Haste is my primary DPS stat (Fury Warrior) but I think I have it  on close to every single piece of gear I have equipped. Crit/Haste or Haste/Mastery is all I ever see drop.

Honestly, I don’t really miss reforging. It wasn’t a bad concept, but it ended up less “we’ll put this in so you can get some use out of drops that aren’t ideal” and more “you’ll need addons or entire websites to calculate out the perfect reforge to get you the best possible result” and I’m ultimately glad that’s over. Itemization is always going to be a case of the perfect being the enemy of the good, but I still like it better when you either use a drop or you don’t instead of going to a vendor and changing every single piece of gear you own to hit a target.


So to review:

Stellagosa flies you and KorvasStacy from Traitor’s Overlook to Illidari Stand. She then expects you to make your own way to Azurewing Repose rather than giving you a ride, even though Stacy is staying behind. From Azurewing Repose she also doesn’t provide transportation to the Azurewing Whelplands, for which she suffers getting knocked around by Runas (otherwise we totes would’ve helped her). Runas leads the gang to [Elf Ruins With Spilled Ley Everywhere] but still no ride from Stellagosa … until after you kill the Big Bad of the zone, at which point she *does* fly you back to Azurewing Repose.

I don’t have a question, I just find the whole thing odd.

You didn’t ask a question, so instead, I’ll just say maybe she thinks you can get your own antlered butt around just fine and shouldn’t always need her to fly you places.

Ever think of that?


You’ve probably got like a couple hundred mounts, just ride one of them. She’s not a taxi.


Q4tQ: Should Astral Recall (Shaman Hearthstone spell) send us to The Heart of Azeroth, like how Druids can go to the Emerald Dreamway, and Death Knights to New Acherus?

I think Astral Recall working as a hearth is good, and should remain that way. It’s not like it’s hard to get to the Heart of Azeroth from Dalaran.


Q4tQ: world PvP – Should they bring back Wintergrasp….or something close? That was the best! Ever two hours you knew where to go to beat up some Horde scum!! Ashran was fun for a while, but with all the different goals we always seemed to be in different places. And these outdoor areas in Legion never have anyone there.

I’m still waiting to see if the Southshore/Tarren Mill brawl scratches my itch for PvP that’s just PvP. I am so freaking tired of objectives and bases and stuff like that. Let’s just go kill each other already! Nothing fancy, nothing complex, just a Horde group and an Alliance group mangling each other, like it was in the old days.

I’m not opposed to a Wintergrasp/Tol Barad/Ashram style World PvP zone, but man, I’m so tired of clicking on orbs and taking garages and seizing control of this or that point. I want a zerg fest. Will it stay fun forever? Probably not, but I’d love it if we got some variety up in here.

Okay, that’s the Queue for Tuesday. Talk to y’all later, have a great week.

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