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HearthstoneMar 29, 2017 1:00 pm CT

All cards from Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’goro expansion

Though we don’t yet know every card from Hearthstone’s upcoming Journey to Un’goro expansion, this is everything we know so far. The 130-card expansion will be available in April (possibly April 6) and a 50-pack bundle is available for pre-purchase for $49.99. But if you’d like to spend less, you can nab some free packs as Hearthstone celebrates the upcoming Year of the Mammoth.

Keep your eyes here for more cards as they’re released. Here are the latest updates:

Updated Mar 31: Spiritsinger Umbra (Neutral), and the rest of the new cards (In progress) 
Updated Mar 30
: Tyrantus (Druid), Ravasaur Runt (Neutral)
Updated Mar 29
: Evolving Spores (Druid), Spirit Echo (Shaman), Tortollan Primalist (Neutral), Spikeridged Steed (Paladin), and Cornered Sentry (Warrior)
Updated Mar 28
: Hemet, Jungle Hunter (Neutral), Servant of Kalimos (Neutral), Blazecaller (Neutral), Galvadon (Paladin), Ravenous Pterrordax (Warlock), The Last Kaleidosaur (Paladin)
Updated Mar 27
: Terrorscale Stalker (Hunter), Lightfused Stegodon (Paladin), Thunder Lizard (Neutral), 
Updated Mar 26
: Added King Mosh (Warrior), Crackling Razormaw (Hunter), Small Raptor (Hunter), Raptor (Hunter)

Find the rest of the cards below.

New card types

Some new card types and card mechanics are being introduced into the game.

  • Adapt: Allows the player to Discover three random abilities and select one for a minion.
  • Liquid Membrane – Can’t be targeted by spells or Hero Powers.
  • Flaming Claws – +3 Attack
  • Crackling Shield – Divine Shield
  • Living Spores – Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants.
  • Massive – Taunt
  • Lightning Speed – Windfury
  • Volcanic Might – +1/+1
  • Rocky Carapace – +3 Health
  • Shrouding Mist – Stealth until your next turn
  • Poison Spit – Destroy any minion damaged by this one (The Emperor Cobra/Pit Snake ability)

Quest: A new legendary card type is being added to the game. You only get one copy of it and it will always appear in your starting hand. After fulfilling the quest conditions, you’ll gain some neat rewards. For example, the Priest quest (Awaken the Makers) requires you to play seven Deathrattle minions which awards you Amara, Warden of Hope. In addition, we’ve learned recently that it is possible to mulligan the quest card away and fetch it later on in the game when it can make a bigger impact. Be careful though if you’re playing against a Mage, for example, a Counterspell can prevent the quest card from going off.

Elemental: A new minion tribal type has been introduced since Un’goro has some elementals in the area. Some of the minions in Hearthstone will be gaining the new Elemental minion type (like Fire Elemental and Al’akir the Windlord).

Check out the new cards being added to the game. You can navigate to the class by using the links below:


Barnabus the Stomper: This is the reward legendary for completing the Jungle Giants quest.

Earthen Scales:

Elder Longneck:

Evolving Spores: Not exactly a spell you want to play on curve unless you have enough tokens or minions to warrant it.

Giant Anaconda:

Jungle Giants: The new Druid Quest which rewards Barnabus.

Living Mana: Definitely want to use this before turn 7 with an empty board. Anything later and you might destroy extra mana crystals without having the space to summon the Treants here.

Mana Treant: New Druid token card. Originates from Living Mana.


Tyrantus: Whooaaa, now here’s a dino. Tyrantus is a 12/12 body of sheer power can’t be targeted by spells or hero powers. Battlecry effects from minions that involve targeting will still work. Might be a little too expensive to see play although with Druid ramp spells, Tyrantus still makes a decent sized threat that can’t be Hexed away.

Tortollan Forager:

Verdant Longneck: A mid-sized Druid beast which has Adapt characteristics.


Carnessa’s Brood: This card comes from Queen Carnessa herself.

Crackling Razormaw: Interesting beast card for Hunters! Plays on the beast theme, as you can tell.


Grievous Bite:

Jeweled Macaw:

Queen Carnassa: Nice way to swarm your opponent. Thankfully, her brood lets you continually draw cards.

Small Raptor: Okay, this is going to be an auto include in most Hunter decks. Definitely a solid one drop that’ll help bring Midrange Hunter back into the spotlight.

Raptor: A token from the aforementioned Small Raptor.


Swamp King Dred: What an overpowered Hunter card! Or at least, overwhelming. It will chomp on anything your opponent puts down.

The Marsh Queen: Hunter Quest! Grants you Queen Carnassa who is a 5 mana 8/8 beast of a dinosaur.

Tol’vir Warden: The Warden does help you thin out the deck a little if you haven’t been able to draw your 1 drops earlier in the game. But by the time you hit 5 mana crystals, won’t that already be too late?

Terrorscale Stalker: Guess this is why Sylvanas got added to the hall of fame list for Wild. Let’s see what other cool 2 drop Deathrattles there are that can combo with this.


Arcanologist: Unlike Mad Scientist, the Arcanologist allows you to draw a secret from your deck instead of directly placing it into play.

Fire Plume Harbinger:

Flame Geyser: One of the new elemental related spells for Mage which adds an 1/2 elemental to your hand. While it doesn’t completely replace Arcane Blast, it’s still a decent staple.

Mana Bind: Hey! A new secret! Not quite defensive in nature, but if used at the right time, it can fetch you a clutch spell your opponent might be using.Pyros: This flaming bird starts off as a 2/2 minion but if defeated can come back as a 6/6. That’s not even Pyros’ final form! If taken down again, Pyros can return a a 10/10. Talk about value!


Molten Reflection:

Open the Way Gate: This mage quest involves you casting 6 spells that didn’t start in your deck. So anything from Babbling Book, Cabalist Tome, and so forth can help you get this condition.

Primordial Glyph:

Shimmering Tempest:

Steam Surger:

Time Warp: Lets you take an extra turn for 5 mana. This spell is a quest reward from Open the Waygate.



Dinosize: Turns a minion into a 10/10. Great surprise finisher.

Hydrologist: Paladins get a common Murloc too! Except this one allows them to Discover a Secret.

Galvadon: So the rumors were true! Galvadon gets to Adapt five times. Quest reward from the Paladin quest, The Last Kaleidosaur.

Lightfused Stegodon: Going to need a mad number of Recruits out to really take advantage of the Adapt!

Lost in the Jungle: It’s no Muster for Battle, but what decent turn 1 play.

Primalfin Champion:

Spikeridged Steed: Intriguing new spell for Paladins here. The Stegodon summoned is a 4 mana 2/6 with Taunt.

Sunkeeper Tarim: Not a bad legendary for Paladins. Can be used both offensively or defensively to minimize your opponent’s board (especially if they’re all late game Jade units). The 3 health places them just beyond reach of Consecration.

Vinecleaver: 7 mana weapon that’s 4/3. After you attack, summon two 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits.

The Last Kaleidosaur: Hrm, the quest itself feels a little underwhelming. We’ll have to see if there’s any additional spells coming out for Paladins.


Awaken the Masters: This is the new Priest quest card which has the capability to reset your health pool back to 40. Yes, it gives you an additional 10 health compared to the starting amount. But, you need to fulfill a set of conditions before it activates. When it does, you get a cool 8/8 minion with taunt in the form of Amara.

Binding Heal:

Curious Glimmerroot: 33% chance of getting a copy of a card. Nice mini shell game going on here except you might not be able to guess which cards your opponent has. If you wait long enough, your opponent might’ve played it though.

Crystalline Oracle: To help feed the Priest quest, it makes sense that they get an early game deathrattle card like the Oracle below. May as well be the Priest variant of a Swashburglar.

Emerald Reaver:

Free from Amber:

Lyra the Sunshard:

Mirage Caller: How would you like to make a 1/1 of a friendly minion you own? Like maybe a second Ysera perhaps?

Radiant Elemental:

Shadow Visions: Interesting spell! You can potentially get a third copy of a spell! I believe this spell can only let you discover cards remaining in the deck and not any cards that have been played or that are in your hand. So with some luck, maybe you can snag a third Dragonfire Potion? Too bad it doesn’t fetch you minions.

Tortollan Shellraiser: One of the newest Deathrattle activators for Priests. Great taunt minion with a 2/6 body.



Crystal Core: This is the reward for the Rogue quest (which you can read more about when you scroll down). I’m assuming the effects are retroactive to any of your minions already on the board.

Envenom Weapon:


Mimic Pod: Basically you get an extra copy of a card you draw. Possibly playable and might fit into a Rogue’s draw engine.

Obsidian Shard:

Razorpetal Lasher:

Razorpetal Volley:

Sherazin, Corpse Flower: Turns into Sherazin, Seed if it gets destroyed. You have to play 4 cards in a turn in order to bring it back again.

The Caverns Below: This is the new Rogue quest card. All you have to do is play four minions with the same name. How are you going to do that? I don’t have a clue. I suspect we’ll need more information on upcoming cards to see what else is available.

Vilespine SlayerAmazing Rogue card. The ability to just simply hard remove any minion on the board is great and the effect is attached to a decent 3/4 minion to boot.


Air Elemental:

Hot Spring Guardian:

Kalimos: With developer investment in Elementals, it does sort of make sense for Shaman to have one. Kalimos, Primal Lord is the new legendary for Shaman. If you played an Elemental in the previous turn, you’ll cast a zero cost Elemental Invocation.

Megafin: Good way to help replenish your hand except your hand is going to consist of his Murloc brethren. Still, an 8/8 for 5 mana alone is pretty nice. Only way to get this guy is from the Unite the Murlocs Shaman quest below.

Primalfin Totem:

Spirit Echo: I wonder if Echo Shaman will be a thing. But hey, your minions get a new lease on life.

Stone Sentinel: Not exactly Dr. Boom, but you get some a pair 2/3 Taunt Elementals to help shield you.

Tidal Surge:

Volatile Elemental:

Volcano: Great way to really clear the board especially with Elemental Destruction rotating out of standard. Just remember that Volcano doesn’t distinguish between friend or foe so everything on the board really means everything on the board.

Unite the Murlocs: This is the Shaman quest where you need to summon 10 Murlocs in order to bring out Megafin. No word on where bigger brother Ultrafin might be.


Bittertide Hydra:


Chittering Tunneler:

Corrupting Mist: Interesting form of mass removal for Warlock players. Useful against any large scale minions you encounter (a la, Jade Golems). The catch is that you still need to survive at least one turn before it takes effect.

Clutchmother Zavas: Here’s the new Warlock legendary! Looks like Zoo might be back here with a vengeance. Normally, it’ll just be a vanilla 2/2 minion for 2 cost. That’s more or less the standard cost for a minion of that stat. But when you factor in the interaction it has with discard mechanics, it becomes much more attractive especially as you hit the late game due to potential effects from Soulfire or Doomguard. The question you want to ask yourself is do you want to play it early on curve for board or play it later on in the game when it’s potentially bigger with a larger upside?

Cruel Dinomancer:

Feeding Time:

Lakkari Felhound: The Felhound has a huge downside where it comes to discarding cards. But it’s a giant 3/8 taunt minion at 4 mana and it feeds in perfectly with the Warlock quest below.

Lakkari Sacrifice: Discard 6 cards. Reward: Nether Portal. Yup, the portal just generates imps every turn. There’s no way to remove the portal.

Ravenous Pterrordax: Even without the Battlecry effect, a 4/4 minion for 4 mana is pretty decent. If you can have it eat a Possessed Villager or something, you could gain some sweet Adapt mechanics out of this.

Tar Lurker:


Cornered Sentry: Of all the drawbacks, having three 1/1s for the opponent isn’t that bad if you have your own 2/6. It’ll effectively trade down to a 2/3, assuming your opponent doesn’t have any spells or other minions.

Direhorn Hatchling:

Explore Un’Goro: Replace your deck with copies of Discover a card? Reminds me of that Tavern Brawl where you customized your deck as you go.

Fire Plume’s Heart:

Iron Hide:

Ornery Direhorn:

King Mosh: Umm, I’m not quite sure yet how I feel about this legendary. I doubt it’ll be that great even though it’s an interesting, yet conditional way of resetting the board. You’d need to drop a Ravaging Ghoul the turn before or use Whirlwind just before dropping the Mosh.

Molten Blade: Warriors gain a new weapon which randomly changes into a new weapon every turn. Could be a hit or miss.

Sudden Genesis:

Sulfuras: New weapon obtained from Fire Plume’s Heart quest.

Tar Lord:


BlazecallerEverybody gets a conditional Fire Elemental.

Bright-Eyed Scout:

Charged Devilsaur:

Devilsaur Egg:


Emerald Reaver:

Giant Mastodon:

Giant Wasp:

Golakka Crawler: This is your anti-pirate tech card. Useful if pirates continues to dominate going into the next season.

Fire Fly: Two Elementals for the price of one.

Elise the Trailblazer: Elise makes a return! However, instead of discovering a new map, you actually discover a new pack.  The Un’Goro Pack is considered very lucky compared to a normal pack. You’re guaranteed an epic with a high chance of a legendary.

Emerald Hive Queen:

Fire Plume Phoenix:

Frozen Crusher:

Hemet, Jungle Hunter: Interesting legendary. Lets you really thin out your deck and remove any low cost minions or spells and gives you higher chances of drawing into your Highmanes or Call of the Wilds.

Humongous Razorleaf:

Glacial Shard: A simple minion with a cool Battlecry effect.

Gluttonous Ooze: Almost better than the Acidic Swamp Ooze despite coming in at the 3 mana cost slot.

Igneous Elemental:

Nesting Roc:

Ozruk: I really hope is coming into play sound effect is the same one as it was in Catalcysm. Aside from that, this has potential to be an exceptionally beefy wall.

Primalfin Lookout: One of the newer neutral Murlocs being added to the expansion is a Primalfin Lookout. If you have a Murloc in play, you get to discover another one. Not bad for a 3 mana 3/2 though. Obviously best fits in Murloc-centric decks.

Pterrordax Hatchling:

Rockpool Hunter:

Ravasaur Runt: Going to be difficult to play this on curve with the Adapt. Most classes are going to be hard pressed to get two minions out by turn two.

Primordial Drake:

Sabretooth Stalker:

Sated Threshadon:

Servant of Kalimos: That’s a legit elemental right here. You just need to continue the elemental chain.

Spiritsinger Umbra: Oh wow, this is an excellent legendary. I suspect it’ll be a staple in many decks (especially for something like Priest decks with the quest).

Stonehill Defender:


Stubborn Gastropod:

Tar Creeper: A more defensive minion for defensive minded decks. The Tar Creeper gets extra attack only during your opponent’s turn.

The Voraxx:

Thunder Lizard: Breaks the theme of a pure Elemental deck, unfortunately.

Tol’vir Stoneshaper: Kinda like a conditional, mini Sunwalker. 3/5 for 4 mana itself isn’t bad, but if you can trigger the Taunt and Divine Shield, you’ve got a durable defender on your hands.

Tortollan Primalist: Oof, not sure how I feel about this card yet. It’s a 5/4 body but you get to discover a spell with random targets.

Vicious Fledgling:

Volcanosaur: A new Beast dinosaur with multiple Adaptations.


This expansion also marks the game’s standard rotation where cards from Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers will no longer be available for standard. What cards are you looking forward to from the spoiler list?

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