Journey To Ungoro

Next Hearthstone expansion announcement during HCT Spring Championships tonight It's been about three months since Journey to Un'goro came out. If Blizzard's release schedule remains consistent, that means we should be expecting a new adventure some time soon.

Hearthstone Greater Crater Promotion for Journey to Un’goro packs now live The Greater Crater promotion for Journey to Un’goro card packs is now live! The prices you pay will be the same as before, except now you’re getting more packs to go with it.

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Legendary changes coming soon to Hearthstone Some new changes are coming to Hearthstone! Nope, nothing quite to do with game play changes.

Free Hearthstone packs to celebrate 70 million players As Hearthstone hits a staggering milestone of 70 million players, they’re celebrating by giving 3 free Journey to Un’goro card packs to everyone who logs into the game between now and the end of May. Their announcement also mentions, with the release of Journey to Un’goro, there were more active same-day players than at any...

What the pros are playing in Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’goro Hearthstone‘s Journey to Un’goro expansion has been out for almost a day now. This is one of the best times to play the game as there’s no established decks.

Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’goro is now live Danny Pudi’s adventures in Un’goro may be over, but the Journey to Un’goro expansion for Hearthstone is now live. With all of its new cards, Journey to Un’goro kicks off the Year of the Mammoth.

Danny Pudi’s Hearthstone adventures come to an end in last Wonders of Un’Goro video Are you ready for adventure? We hope so, because Un’Goro Crater (and Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’Goro expansion) is packed with it — as poor Professor Doyle is about to find out for himself.

What’s your favorite Journey to Un’goro card? This is it! We now know all the cards in Journey to Un’goro thanks to Friday’s livestream with Game Director Ben Brode and Frodan.

Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’Goro expansion out April 6 I can no longer read Journey to Un’Goro without mentally hearing Ben Brode singing it, but for those of you who are more interested in actually getting your hands on Hearthstone’s latest expansion, we finally have a release date. On today’s card reveal livestream Brode told us (after a little good-natured trolling) that Journey to Un’Goro...

All cards from Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’goro expansion Though we don’t yet know every card from Hearthstone’s upcoming Journey to Un’goro expansion, this is everything we know so far. The 130-card expansion will be available in April (possibly April 6) and a 50-pack bundle is available for pre-purchase for $49.99.

Daily rewards in Hearthstone lead up to Year of the Mammoth and Journey to Un’Goro Hearthstone’s Year of the Mammoth, which will shake up play once again by switching up what’s playable in Standard mode, is right around the corner. With it comes the new Journey to Un’Goro expansion and now a host of new rewards.

Do you enjoy the Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’goro cards so far? During Friday’s Hearthstone livestream with Day 9 and Senior Designer Peter Whalen, they showcased a handful of cards. I love the new Elise!

Un’goro Madness in WoW and Journey to Un’goro Hearthstone preview today Are you ready for Un’goro? Hopefully so, because Blizzard is about to be all Un’goro all the time.

Tavern Brawl awarding a new Journey to Un’goro pack Although this week’s Tavern Brawl isn’t exactly a new challenge (it’s Encounter at the Crossroads again), the reward is a refreshing change. Besting this tavern brawl will net you a cool Journey to Un’goro pack. If you’re not familiar with this week’s challenge, there’s no deck construction involved unlike last week’s Heroic Tavern Brawl.

Ben Brode lays down a sick Journey To Un’Goro rap We were excited by the announcement of the next Hearthstone expansion, Journey To Un’Goro. The idea of Elise Starseeker leading a group of junior explorers through the wilderness was equal parts charming and frightening.

Latest Hearthstone patch paves the way for Year of the Mammoth Hearthstone released its latest update today. Generally speaking, there’s nothing groundbreaking in the patch notes that we didn’t already know about.