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News > WoWMay 16, 2017 9:00 am CT

Legion PVP Season 4 unveils new Prestige Rewards

Legion introduced a new Honor System based around Honor levels and, once you hit level 50, Prestige levels. If you PVP until you hit Honor level 50, you’d earn your first Prestige level, and then start leveling to 50 all over again to hit Prestige level 2, and so on. As you progress in Prestige levels, you earn special Prestige-based rewards. Unlike in the old days, these are titles, mounts, pets and even toys that provide no in-game benefit aside from bragging rights — but sometimes that’s better, right?

Now with Season 4 on the way, we have four new Prestige rewards coming. You’ll be able to unlock a new color for your PVP Artifact appearance, gain a new toy in the Esteemed Pennant, ride around on the Prestigious Forest Courser mount and use the title ‘The Unstoppable Force’ which, man, if you played in Alterac Valley back in the day, that’s gotta give you some memories.

The complete list of Prestige rewards as of Season 4 is collected below, and you can read the full post for more details.

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