Heroes of the StormJun 8, 2017 1:00 pm CT

This is your last week to get a raptor mount in Heroes of the Storm

If you’ve been distracted by Malthael’s upcoming Heroes appearance or the plethora of Blizzard news over the past few weeks, it may have slipped your mind the Heroes of the Storm’s 2017 Season 1 is ending this coming Tuesday, June 13. Even if you’re not usually someone who participates in ranked play, you may want to this time around thanks to the kick-butt raptor mount you can earn.

“But doesn’t that mean I have to be, like, really good at HotS?” you may be asking. Turns out, no you don’t — at least as far as the non-armored version is concerned. While earning it does require a Platinum ranking for Hero League, it only requires a Bronze ranking for Team League. In other words — since Bronze is the lowest tier — all you have to do is complete your 10 placement matches in Team League before Tuesday and voila! The mount is yours.

To participate in Team League placement matches, you’ll need a team of 2, 3, or 5 players — though I don’t recommend trying to queue with only 2, as the wait times can be pretty long. Having trouble finding people to play with? No you’re not! We have comments and forums and Discord all at your disposal to help you find willing participants. After you complete 10 placement matches, the raptor and all three color variants will be yours once seasonal rewards have gone out. And who knows, maybe you’ll reach Master rank and earn the Epic Battle Raptor!

Please note that even if you’re only in it for the mount, intentionally throwing games is fun for absolutely no one — not to mention a reportable offense. Don’t do it.

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