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HearthstoneJul 6, 2017 11:17 pm CT

Hearthstone’s latest expansion is Knights of the Frozen Throne

{PB}To help us beat the heat of summer, Hearthstone’s next expansion will be taking us up north to Northrend. Say hello to the Knights of the Frozen Throne! During the HCT livestream from Shanghai today, Game Director Ben Brode and Production Director Jason Chayes posed an intriguing question. What happens when heroes fall? When the Lich King resurrects them from the dead as Death Knights, what cool terrible powers will they receive?

Anyway, here are the facts about Knights of the Frozen Throne:

  • Adventure-style missions return for free! There will be eight bosses to defeat within Icecrown Citadel, culminating into a battle with the Lich King.
  • New card type: Hero
  • New mechanic: Lifesteal
  • 135 new cards
Originally Posted by Daxxarri (Official Post)

Deathstalker Rexxar

When Rexxar’s hunt came to a premature end, he was resurrected as Deathstalker Rexxar. When played, Deathstalker Rexxar fires a flurry of arrows—dealing 2 damage to all enemy minions—and replaces your hero, granting 5 armor and changing your Hero Power to Build-a-Beast.

Build-a-Beast allows Deathstalker Rexxar to stitch together a horrifying new Zombeast by ‘Discovering’ pieces of two former animal friends. The new creation combines all the stats of both creatures he’s sewn together; mana cost, attack, health, and card text. The beastly abomination is then added to Deathstalker Rexxar’s hand to later be unleashed on a hapless foe.

Terrifying indeed! Of course, there are many other threats to found within the Scourge.

The Hunger

Death Knights may be vicious combatants, but they are only a small fraction of the Lich King’s monstrous army. The legions of the Scourge are a menagerie of ravenous undead beings, from lowly ghouls and zombies to hulking, unspeakable abominations that have been stitched together from the flesh of countless victims. The teeming armies of the undead are as gruesome as they are deadly—so you can expect to find some potent abilities among their number!

Some of the Lich King’s spells and minions have the awful power to draw sustenance from the very life essence of a victim: Lifesteal. Lifesteal expands on an ability already found on some cards and gives it a new dedicated keyword. When a card with Lifesteal deals damage, your hero is healed for the same amount. A useful ability to have at hand when you’ve already got both feet in the grave.

You can pre-purchase 50 Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs now for $49.99 USD and receive the Frostmourne card back. The new expansion is expected to go live in early August, and we’ll hear about more new cards later this month, on July 24. Don’t forget, once this expansion is released, the no duplicate legendaries will also go in effect.

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