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WoWJul 25, 2017 6:00 pm CT

Tomb of Sargeras Wing 3 quick guide

Get ready heroes, the third wing of Raid Finder is out today and ready for your queuing. This wing is the Chamber of the Avatar, and features two of the three remaining bosses in the instance — The Maiden of Vigilance and the Fallen Avatar. Both bosses have the last two pieces from Tier 20 if you haven’t been able to complete your set bonuses. While the mechanics have been pared down quite a bit for LFR, the raid will still need to pay attention to them…otherwise you may find yourself having a skeleton slumber party on the floor.

Maiden of Vigilance

Tier drops: Chest

The basics: This fight is all about managing your debuff color and bombs. A lot of the Infusion mechanic has been removed for LFR. However, she still casts it on players right before she swaps sides, which then falls off after the orb phase. You’ll either get Light Infusion or Fel Infusion. This tells you what color orbs you need to grab. The Maiden will teleport to the opposite side of the ring, and Light and Fel orbs spawn from her location on both sides in rows of three. She does a slight stun during this and the stun is longer the closer you are to her. Most will only be stunned for about a second. The raid runs to her and when you grab the orbs, they give you and players around you a stacking buff for Light or Fel. The more orbs collected the better. Ideally, the raid should stack with Light on one side and Fel on the other, to maximize orb collection and buff stacks, but LFR is never coordinated enough for that.

If you grab the opposite color orb, it will put an Unstable Soul bomb on you. She also casts Mass Instability periodically which places the bombs on three players at a time. The bomb has a knock-up and knock-back, so you want to jump into the hole when it’s about to explode. The higher difficulties have you jump at around 1.5 seconds left on the bomb, but in LFR your falling speed is slowed in the hole, so you have more leeway. If you time it right, the bomb explodes in the hole and knocks you back up to the platform.

DPS: DPS the boss, collect orbs.

Healers: You can collect orbs if you know what you’re doing. The time to use your healing CDs is when Maiden has the shield on her while orbs are coming out. You can stand with a group on the divider between the rows and collect the buff while the others grab the orbs.

Tanks: There’s no Hammer of Creation or Obliteration in this difficulty so tanks don’t really have to worry about the infusion swapping mechanic.

Fallen Avatar

Tier drops: Shoulder

The basics: There is no Maiden of Valor in here, unlike the other difficulties. This means you don’t really have to worry about managing the Avatar’s energy, or him Consuming her. In the first phase, the Avatar has four mechanics. During Unbound Chaos, players will have to keep moving as green circles spawn on the floor under them. The damage from one isn’t very high and they don’t come out as fast or last as long as the other difficulties. But you still don’t want to stand in them because you could probably die. Keep moving during this, ideally in a straight line back so you don’t drop them on anyone else. {PB}

The Avatar will also periodically target three players with Shadowy Blades, which shoot daggers to their location. Avoid running these through the tanks, and position the line away from them. During Rupture Realities, the Avatar will draw fel energies to himself. The raid needs to run away from him and toward the edge of the room. The further you are, the less damage you take. Lastly, tanks and healers need to keep an eye on Desolate debuff, which is cast on the tanks and is the tank swap mechanic.

In phase 2, the Avatar will destroy the floor and the raid will drop to a platform in lava. Dark Mark will go on one player and needs to be soaked. This will knock any soaking players up and back, so you need to make sure it won’t knock you into the lava. The lava doesn’t hurt as much on LFR, but you really don’t want to stand in it. If you get the Dark Mark, your best bet is to run into melee to have it soaked, unless healers and ranged are on the ball. After casting Rupture Realities, the Avatar will destroy part of the platform. This is the enrage mechanic so DPS needs to be good enough to kill him before the floor is gone. Some tanks may try to move him to the lava during this, to minimize floor destruction.

DPS: Run during Unbound Chaos, run out during Rupture Realities, keep Shadowy Blade paths away from tanks, move Dark Mark to be soaked.

Healers: Same as DPS, as well as heal the tanks with Desolate stacks and use CDs when Rupture Realities explodes (especially in phase 2).

Tanks: Taunt swap on Desolate stacks. During phase 2, position the Avatar at the corners of the platform so the raid can move in a circle.

Happy LFR adventures!

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