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Roleplay > WoWAug 16, 2017 4:00 pm CT

Role Play: Plot points for roleplayers headed into patch 7.3

Argus is clearly visible in the sky for all players now. We just had a new 7.3 related scenario drop yesterday. All signs are pointing to the fact that patch 7.3 is nearly upon us — which means roleplayers are about to get a glut of new lore. Interestingly enough, the lead-up for the patch is almost a mini pre-expansion event in and of itself. Despite not having an official release date for 7.3, we know it’s definitely on the way.

For roleplayers, this means it’s time to determine where your characters are during this pivotal part of the expansion. More importantly, you’ll need to determine when they are. And most important of all, you’ll want to consider how these events affect your character. We won’t be talking 7.3 spoilers here, but it’s worth it to take a look at what’s coming up, and what that means in terms of your roleplay.

Acknowledging Argus

Argus is now in the sky for all players — you no longer need to defeat Kil’jaeden to see it. Although it’s clearly visible in-game, that can be considered a game mechanic. You don’t have to acknowledge it if you don’t want to — but be aware that other players probably are by now. If you’re roleplaying with a guild or group, it’s worth it to sit down and see where everyone stands.

Even if your characters notice the planet in the sky, it’s still up to you how they acknowledge that information. If you’re in a group that isn’t heavily invested in the main storyline, people may want to ignore it. They may acknowledge that it’s there, but not feel any kind of investment in investigating it. Or they might be gearing up to take a trip up there, strange as that may sound.

Whichever path you choose, you want to be aware that other players may be handling things differently. Your guild or roleplay group might be ignoring the issue, but another group may be fully invested in the idea. Keep that in mind when you’re interacting with other players. There’s nothing wrong with either choice — but if you’re going to roleplay together, you want to make sure you’re on the same page first.

Draenei roleplayers

For Draenei roleplayers, Argus’ sudden appearance is of immediate interest. Argus is the homeworld of the Eredar. It’s been thoroughly corrupted by the Burning Legion. Unusual relocation aside, it doesn’t look anything like it used to. If your character was born after the Draenei fled Argus, they’d have no memory of the world other than the stories they’ve been told over their lifetime. But it’s still a heavy amount of heritage suddenly slapped in Azeroth’s sky.

If, on the other hand, your character is Argus-born, the planet’s appearance is going to have a major effect. This was your home. This was the place you fled — this is a direct and blatant reminder of all you could have become. Any friends or family you left behind are right there, suspended above Azeroth — or, more likely, dead. That thing you’ve been fleeing for hundreds of thousands of years? It’s suddenly popped up to haunt you.

In a way, this is almost like Warlords part two for Draenei. We went through a portal to another reality last expansion. The Draenei homeworld hadn’t suffered any of the corruption of Outland. In a way, the Draenei had a chance to turn back time a little. However, in seeing all those places, there was always that keen reminder that the place was hauntingly similar, but not the same. It was Draenor — but not your character’s Draenor, unless you chose to play someone from that alternate reality.

At last, your character is able to witness what happened to their homeworld — and it’s horrifying. How does your character react to that reveal? Are they angry, ready and willing to take the fight to Argus? Are they frightened, terrified of what they might see? Or are they overwhelmed, heartbroken by the sight of a place they once called home?

Everyone else

Other races won’t have that same kind of reaction — they don’t have the attachment to the place. Yet we know that’s where we’ll find the Army of the Light, according to Xe’ra. Human roleplayers may very well have recognized Turalyon from that initial message. He’s an Alliance hero. He’s one of those gigantic statues that lines the gates to Stormwind. For Human players, his potential presence may carry some significance. {PB}

Priests and Paladins in particular have also have a vested interest in Argus for the same reason. That’s the Army of the Light up there. As a Priest or a Paladin, you’re a champion of the Light. Is your character up to the challenge of joining that Army? Do they believe the Light will protect them from whatever dangers they may yet face?

For everyone else, that planet may not hold a special significance — but it’s still scary. It’s the homeworld of the Burning Legion for all you know. All those demon attacks and Legion assaults that have been terrorizing the world? This is way, way worse than that. How does your character react to that kind of in-your-face threat? Do they prepare for conflict? Are they choosing to ignore it and really, really hope it just goes away? Or are they choosing to drown their sorrows at the nearest local watering hole?

Making choices

As with any in-game event, it’s up to you to decide how this information affects your character. Since both the event and the accompanying scenario are in the game now, it could be considered free knowledge if you wish. Keep in mind, if you choose to acknowledge Argus’ presence, you’re also acknowledging Kil’jaeden’s defeat. The Tomb of Sargeras has been officially dealt with.

You can also choose to incorporate the events of yesterday’s scenario in your roleplay as well. Did your character go to help Magni Bronzebeard out, or are they hearing rumors? What do they think of the idea that Azeroth is an entity, one with a voice that can speak? Do they trust the information they’ve been told? Or are they wary of any potential Legion tricks?

You can also choose to simply have your character living under a rock, blissfully unaware of what’s going on. This actually opens up a lot of potential roleplay. If you’re looking for something to talk about, you can have your character ask someone what’s going on. Even if your character has never heard of Argus, a giant planet in the sky is certainly a worthwhile talking point.

argus in the sky

Decisions to come

Regardless of where your character stands on the information we have now, 7.3 is on the horizon. You may want to talk to your guild or group to determine how you’re going to handle the new patch. Is your character heading to Argus? Does your guild or group intend to roleplay through those events as they occur? What are you planning to do with all the new lore that comes out? Is it something your guild or group is going to be invested in, or are other storylines going to take precedence?

Keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong way to handle this information. It’s not a matter of being “right,” it’s a matter of being on the same page with your friends. Remember that every guild, group, and roleplayer is different — opinions may vary in the weeks and months to come. Make sure you’re still being considerate of your fellow roleplayers, no matter which choices they make. New lore always brings with it plenty of new opportunities for roleplay. It’s up to you to decide how to best take advantage of it.

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