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Hearthstone > News > WoWOct 25, 2017 5:00 pm CT

Hearthstone’s Tortollans are (probably) coming to WoW

Guys, I am so happy right now. The folks at Wowhead have found a Tortollan battle pet in the World of Warcraft game files, and this is the best thing that has happened in a while because turtle people are awesome and Tortollans are the best thing to ever come out of Hearthstone.

First seen in the Journey to Un’Goro expansion, Tortollans are a mysterious race whose name hints at a connection to the turtle ancient Tortolla, last seen in Cataclysm. In Hearthstone, they are mentioned in Eddie Malone’s journal as he and Professor Doyle search Un’Goro for the reclusive turtle folk. Look, I am downright giddy right now, and I neither do pet battles of any kind nor play a lot of Hearthstone — but who cares, we’re going to have a little turtle person who can follow us around and share in our adventures.

According to Wowhead, the model is still encrypted, so we don’t know what it looks like. We do, however, know that there are currently four color variations in the files: green, brown, blue, and grey. Is Tottle — that’s the little Tortollan’s name — a reward for winning games in Hearthstone? Some kind of cross-promotional prize? Just a present Blizzard is going to give me because I’ve been really good? Please let it be that last one. Because I have, Blizzard, and I deserve to have a little turtle-person friend following me around.

Also, make Tortollans a playable race while you’re at it because they’re awesome turtle people and I want to see their dance. Can you imagine the dance? What will the dance be? I’m sort of freaking out here.

You can see all of Tottle’s battle pet abilities and attacks here at the Wowhead post. I’ll just be over here hoping we see playable Tortollans and Saurok in the next expansion.

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