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Discussion > WoWDec 12, 2017 8:00 am CT

What would you like to do with Artifacts?

We know they’re going away, but this isn’t about that. This is purely about what you’d like to do with Artifacts, both the ones we have now and as a system going forward. We know we’ll see the Heart of Azeroth Artifact necklace in Battle for Azeroth but let’s think long term here. What would you do, if you were suddenly in charge of World of Warcraft and could do anything you wanted with Artifacts?

I get that there were flaws with the implementation of Artifacts, but man, I loved all that lore development we got in Legion. All the stories of each Artifact, the vast swaths of story each brought to light not just about the current crisis but various eras of the setting’s past were evocative and engaging. I want more of that stuff. If I could have done anything differently I think I would have made them less class restricted. Like let anyone who could use a 1h mace (or a 2h, considering how Thrall always used it) use the Doomhammer. I feel like Warlocks could have used that evil Shadow Priest dagger just as well, that there’s no reason a Paladin couldn’t have used Strom’kar.

Maybe going forward we could have Artifacts that just worked for specific roles — maybe a shield that could be used by healers or tanks so that Protection and Holy Paladins, Protection Warriors, and Restoration Shaman could all make use of it, for example. A 2h weapon for all 2h weapon users — a really awesome polearm for Feral and Guardian Druids, Monks, Survival Hunters, Retribution Paladins, Death Knights, and Arms/Fury Warriors would be amazing in my opinion.

This is just me speculating and blue skying because, well, it’s fun to think about. I don’t expect we’ll get Artifact weapons again. But it’s what I’d like to do, if it were up to me. If it were up to you, however… what would you do? Artifact mounts with special powers? An Artifact that transformed into a private keep or sanctuary? What would you come up with?

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