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WoWJan 11, 2018 10:00 am CT

Patch 7.3.5’s new Hunter pets and where to tame them

When patch 7.3.5 PTR datamining went up in December, Wowhead caught site of possible new Hunter pets to tame along with all the other PTR info. Since then, the Petopia community has been hard at work finding where these new pet models have been hiding.

There are five new unique pets to tame, each in a new color for their model. Three of the pets are new colors added to Argus models — Krokuun gets a new Panthara, and Mac’Aree gets a new Talbuk and Mana Ray. Keep in mind, however, that Panthara require a unique method to be tamed.

The other two pets –an elite Basilisk in Stranglethorn and new Silithid in Silithus — can be found in Azeroth with the new patch content. While the Basilisk is tamable, it’s also part of the new SELFIE Camera questline, and many players will be trying to kill it to harvest the crystal needed to complete the quest.

All in all, that gives Hunters the following pets to tame, found in the following places:

There are also new pets available to Allied Races. Though the new races aren’t actually on the PTR, their data has been included in the files, leading us to believe that they’ll likely show up as part of a pre-order bonus before the expansion officially launches. Like the current Hunter races, Allied Race Hunters will receive their own unique Hunter pets to start with.

Those pets are as follows:

Wowhead has all the new pet models up, so be sure to check out the post over there if you want to see what all the new pets look like. What’s your favorite new pet?

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