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WoWJan 19, 2018 9:00 am CT

You can use Ashkandi at level 1 with patch 7.3.5’s transmog scaling

So you’ve just rolled a level 1 Paladin and you want him to use Ashkandi.

Well, don’t. That sword should only be used by Warriors.

But, if for whatever reason you want to do this absolutely wrong thing, take heart — the game will now let you. Yes, in patch 7.3.5, transmog restrictions have changed because of how content scaling works. Instead of a strict requirement that says you have to be the same level that the item itself requires, items are grouped together along the same scaling tier as the content they’re from. So if you’re a level 1 Paladin, you have access to all the skins for items from level 1 to 60 — even, as in the case here, Ashkandi or other raid items from vanilla WoW.

This works for all the allowed scaling content — once you hit level 58 and can go to either Outland or Northrend, you can transmog to any piece of gear from those level ranges, all the way up to level 80 gear. Once you hit level 80, you can wear up to level 90 gear, and a level 90 can wear up to level 100 gear, such as the raid and dungeon gear from the end of Warlords of Draenor. And at level 98, you can transmog to level 110 gear from Legion, so even if you’re still running around on Draenor for some reason.

Note that you do still need to have learned these appearances and have them in your wardrobe. So if you don’t already know Ashkandi, your level 1 alt will be out of luck.

I decided to test this out and found a level 84 Arms Warrior I haven’t been using, and sure enough, Mists of Pandaria endgame PvP gear and the heirloom axe from Siege of Orgrimmar mog right on him just fine.

It works for set pieces, non-set items, and all weapons as far as I can determine. This makes it a lot easier to come up with a look for a low level alt that isn’t dead embarrassing to wear. As soon as you’re level 58, you could wear Icecrown Citadel gear including Tier 10, for example. If you’ve been itching to wear the Felheart set on your level 22 Warlock? Go nuts. It’s another small step away from hard transmog limitations and I’m always happy to see that.

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