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Discussion > WoWJan 19, 2018 8:00 am CT

How important is soloing old content to you?

It’s pretty important to me to be able to solo old content in World of Warcraft. It’s one of my favorite in game activities, in fact. Fighting Ordos, running Siege of Orgrimmar or Blackrock Foundry, even my semi-regular clears of Hellfire Citadel were regular activities. I was pretty concerned when I found out that patch 7.3.5 made those old fights much harder to do. Now, Blizzard has already acknowledged that this has happened and said that it’s not deliberate, which is great. But it also got me thinking about how much of the player base dives into older content. Are we at the point in WoW where changes should be weighed against how difficult it makes soloing older stuff?

There was a time when soloing older content wasn’t really something Blizzard worried about. I remember as recently as just before the end of Burning Crusade. People trying to go back and finish Naxxramas 40 not only had to have a group, but they had have good gear to even think about finishing it. I was in a raid of people in Black Temple/Sunwell level gear. Even with twenty of us, Naxxramas on 40-man was no joke. It was a raid tuned exceptionally high. Even Molten Core or Onyxia weren’t just pushovers you could go back and stomp on.

But the game progressed, and we continued to gain levels and more powerful gear. Older raids started to fall into the small group farming category. The introduction of transmog in Cataclysm made it not only fun to go back and get old items but there was suddenly a purpose to it.

With the Wardrobe introduced in Legion, it now feels to me like the game has fully embraced this playstyle. I know I engage in a lot of transmog farming. But just because I love something, it doesn’t follow that it’s important enough that things like these soloing changes should have been a design priority. So here we go, me asking you all for your opinion. Do you go back and solo old content? How important is it to you that older content remain at least as soloable as it currently is? Does it upset you when something that was once soloable becomes harder to clear?

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