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DiscussionJan 31, 2018 8:00 am CT

What class will you boost to level 110?

With yesterday’s announcement of the Battle for Azeroth pre-order, those of us who jumped on buying it found ourselves with a wealth of goodies. I don’t mean early access to Allied Races, or the Overwatch sprays from the digital deluxe edition. I mean the free level 110 boost that comes with every purchase.

This boost is precious. It saves a great deal of leveling time and a great deal of money. After all, the standalone purchase of a level boost isn’t cheap. And that makes using it something that you might give you pause.

While I was weighing my options (no, you cannot see my spreadsheet) I discovered that I needed to use it to create a max level Horde character. I don’t have one, but I love the Nightborne Allied Race option. In order to run through the quest unlock sequence from Sylvanas, I needed a Horde character. So that limited my options a little more. Soon it became clear that I was going to use it on a brand new Goblin Death Knight. I don’t have a Death Knight, and now I don’t have to level one.

Mooch (can you believe that incredible Goblin name was still available?) was created with the sole purpose of unlocking the Nightborne for me so I can relive my Suramar glory days. But I may not shelve him after that. I created a Death Knight back during Wrath when they were first introduced, but didn’t get very far. Now that I have a fully leveled one, I’ll probably tool around Legion with him, run the class hall missions, get his Artifact, and see how the other side lives.

What about you guys? What goes into your decision on picking a class for your 110 boost? If you’ve pre-ordered the next expansion, are you using the boost right away, or waiting until Battle for Azeroth launches?

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