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Heroes of the StormMar 8, 2018 4:00 pm CT

Alan Dabiri hints a StarCraft character may be coming to Heroes of the Storm

Alan Dabiri, Game Director of Heroes of the Storm, enjoys teasing us.

This is the only takeaway I have from his recent post to Reddit talking about the next Heroes of the Storm hero we’ll be getting next week, especially when it’s combined with this post he made to the Heroes forum. Alan, man, why are you doing this to us? Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry, whatever it is. I can stop gushing about Ion Hazzikostas and fixate on you for a while instead if it’ll get us more details.

Since I assume Alan’s heart is as stone to my begging, let’s look at what he’s actually said. First, his Reddit post.

Hi guys, we’ll be releasing info next week on the next hero!

And beyond that, believe me, we’ve got a ton of cool stuff coming through out the year (including a bunch of new heroes). We’re eager to share each addition to the game with you just as soon as they’re fully baked. :)

Since we know that StarCraft is 20 years old this month, I don’t think it’s unusual that we’re all speculating that next week’s hero will be a StarCraft one. But our speculations were hardly dampened by Alan’s post on the forums.

Originally Posted by The post author (Official Post)

StarCraft is in my blood. Don’t worry we’re going to celebrate the anniversary with more than just a couple portraits. :)

So yeah. I’m pretty sure we’re all thinking that Dabiri is teasing us with the idea of a StarCraft hero next week, what with the anniversary and everything. So the question becomes, which hero? The front runner would have to be Fenix, right? I feel like it has to be Fenix. He’s the last big Protoss hero with Artanis, Zeratul, Tassadar, and Alarak, who are all playable. Fenix is probably the biggest name left of any StarCraft character, and he’s awesome. Everyone already thinks it’s going to be him.

But I’m a cynic and I think this all may be a huge fake out. With the rumors about a Diablo 3 port to the Switch, I think they might well drop a Diablo hero on us next week, and if they do my money is on Imperius. He’s a big deal on the Angiris Council, he’s the Archangel of Valor and he’s got a heck of a temper, meaning that people have been speculating about him going off on his own crusade against the demons and maybe even mortals of Sanctuary for a while now. I think he’d be a likely choice. I’d rather have Fenix, but I’m leaning towards Imperius right now.

Alan, prove me wrong. Or don’t, cause I’d probably love playing Imperius as a flying spear-wielding Angelic assassin.

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