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DiscussionMar 9, 2018 8:00 am CT

Did you get into the Trial of Style?

The Trial of Style is ending for now — it’s the first time I’ve given it a try. I missed it last time, and frankly I’m glad I did it this time around. It was fun messing around with outfits on the fly, and I got the two looks I wanted. I did it on a Night Elf lady and then a Tauren guy — I wanted to see if I could win on both. And I did, because as we’ve long established here on the site I’m nuts for transmog. I have an outfit for any occasion. But I did okay even when I decided not to use the outfits I already have saved. Just cobbling something together while the timer counted down worked too. My Tauren won with a look that I just threw together as fast as possible to match a tabard I had in my bags.

So yeah, I had fun. More fun that I really expected to. Blizzard hasn’t done much to really sell the Trial of Style, which is fine. It’s optional content, and not something as robust as Pet Battles. But I did find myself wondering. If someone as deeply into transmog as myself could miss it the first time and only do it this time on the day before it ends, are a lot of people missing out on this? Are we seeing people who would like it and bring creativity and flair to their choices losing out because they either don’t know about it, or don’t know how cool it is?

So here we are, me asking you — did you take part in the Trial of Style? Did you get what you wanted? Do you think they have enough rewards? I don’t really play cloth, leather or mail classes. All I needed was the two plate looks and I was done. Are you hoping for more rewards? Maybe some unique color variants for weapons to add to the armor options we’ve got so far? I’m thinking it would be cool if every new Trial of Style had a new look introduced — maybe a special helmet, or weapon, or cloak to go along with the armor sets. Did you jump in this year or did you let it pass by?

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