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WoWMar 27, 2018 2:00 pm CT

Uldir raid spoilers abound in the latest Battle for Azeroth alpha build

The most recent Battle for Azeroth alpha builds began to include data for the upcoming Uldir raid — including broadcast text and dialogue. The dialogue Wowhead has uncovered thus far paints a pretty clear picture of not only what’s happening in the Titan facility, but also the surrounding questing zones. Be warned: There are spoilers ahead!

Among the datamined Battle for Azeroth models, there was a new female Titan model. Thanks to the Uldir data, we know who she is: the Matron of Tenacity, Herald of Endless Research, or “MOTHER.” Corny? Absolutely, but we’re not here to judge. Not right now, anyway. MOTHER seems to be both a boss in Uldir and the lady in charge of the place, providing explanations for Uldir’s purpose. Excerpts from her dialogue are both enlightening and rather sinister:

This facility has experimented on a variety of lifeforms to research solutions for Old God corruption.
Observation accurate. This facility has run numerous experiments on loa to research solutions for Old God corruption.
Tests focused on the ability of G’huun’s corruption to reanimate expired tissue. Results were inconclusive and specimens were destroyed.
Analysis of your cerebral cortices indicates previous interactions with Old God specimens for certain individuals.
Any available data from your prior experiences can aid in this facility’s research.
Analysis of your cerebral cortices indicates all present individuals have previously interacted with Old God specimens.
Please report to the medical bay for neural extraction and cerebral tissue collection.

The “G’huun” mentioned in MOTHER’s dialogue is this handsome fellow here:

Right now, it appears G’huun will be the final boss of Uldir. According to MOTHER’s dialogue, G’huun is a troll loa who has fallen to Old God corruption and has the ability to reanimate the dead. That provides some context to what we see happening in questing zones such as Nazmir. There’s an obvious link between G’huun and the Blood Trolls, as well as the Blood Abomination model we saw earlier this week. Personally, I’m almost a little disappointed we’ll be killing G’huun so early in the expansion. G’huun’s abilities seem like a more twisted, bio-hazard take on the Scourge, something akin to the zombies in The Last of Us.

G’huun’s ability to raise the dead ties into what’s currently speculated as a Mythic-only boss. At some earlier point, the Prophet Zul is killed — only to be reanimated by G’huun.

Zul’s dialogue in Uldir doesn’t leave much room for interpretation.

G’huun’s blood flows through my veins! Tremble before my power!

Uldir also has all of the usual Titan raid amenities, of course. There are more corrupted constructs, as is fairly standard:

That fellow above is Taloc the Corrupted, who was likely some sort of security bot before, but has since become an agent of G’huun:

Initiating plasma collection.
Hosts detected. Infection commencing.
New candidate for corruption.
Subjects primed for contamination.

And a Titan raid wouldn’t be a Titan raid without Brann Bronzebeard hanging around. Brann leads the Alliance into Uldir while Talanji leads the Horde — and the majority of MOTHER’s dialogue is a direct response to their questioning.

Head over to Wowhead for the full dialogue text and higher resolution images of the bosses mentioned above. While you’re at it, check out some of the armor and weapon models coming in Uldir.

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