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Discussion > WoWApr 17, 2018 8:00 am CT

Do you love or hate change between expansions?

One of the things that happens between expansions is that the game really changes. Sometimes it’s not a major deal, but sometimes we see things like the Garrison or Artifacts introduced in one expansion, change the nature of the game pretty significantly, and then get left behind. Ability pruning, item squishes, entire spec or class redesigns have all taken place between expansions. The talent change that came with Mists of Pandaria is arguably the longest lasting significant change to gameplay yet and it’s a pretty expansive and extensive one. We’re looking at quite a few changes in Battle for Azeroth and it’s got me wondering where the limit is for me. When is a period of change too much?

Right now Warriors are okay, but my Survival Hunter is just scratching her head at whether or not Survival is even recognizable right about now. With gear being squashed as flat as it ever has — Legion gear is going down to around ilevel 280 for the top stuff — and a bunch of abilities from our Artifacts just plain gone and really changing up the way it feels to play, I don’t know if I’m ready for the next expansion. I mean, there are all these incoming Allied Races, I barely have time for the alts I have!

But other players are obviously different than I am, so let me ask you: are you excited for or dreading Battle for Azeroth‘s changes? Are you looking forward to the Azerite Armor system? Are you interested in seeing how your spec will be playing in Battle? Are you thrilled to dump all these legendaries and that Artifact in the bank and start again with greens? If your spec is changing, are they good changes or bad ones?

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