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News > WoWMay 29, 2018 10:00 am CT

WoW raises the bar with Mythic+ Seasons in Battle for Azeroth

Mythic+ dungeons have been one of the Legion’s most successful additions to the game. For some, Mythic+ dungeons are an alternative gearing path for raids. For others, Mythic+ dungeons represent their primary PVE endgame activity. And in Battle for Azeroth, the developers are continuing to improve the system. First mentioned in an interview between Twitch streamer Slootbag and Lead Encounter Designer Morgan Day at PAX East, Mythic dungeons will have Seasons in Battle for Azeroth, much like PVP. Thanks for the intrepid dataminers at Wowhead, we now have a first look at what Mythic Seasons will be like in the expansion in the form of datamined achievements. (Though remember, this is the beta and this could still change.)

The expected Mythiupdates

The first two achievements are the expected updates to the Keymaster and Keymaster Guild Run achievements.

The current Realm First achievements have been changed to specify Legion only, with new Battle for Azeroth versions. Love or hate Realm Firsts, they are back for Mythic+ in Battle. These don’t have the seasonal component, so it looks like a one time achievement for all of Battle.

Introducing Mythic Seasons

Then there are the new Mythic Season achievements Keystone Conqueror and Keystone Master. These go hand in hand with the seasonal affix, Infested, which infests non-boss enemies with a a Spawn of G’huun. The big change here is you no longer need just a single dungeon on +10 or +15. Now you must get +10 or +15 on every Battle Mythic dungeon.

This is an altogether more difficult task and worthy of a reward, but the achievements are missing any mention of one. PVPers get titles and mounts, and it would be nice to see something similar for PVE. My favorite reward would be something like the Mists of Pandaria Challenge mode sets, but we’ll see what happens.

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