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WoWJun 6, 2018 2:00 pm CT

Mage Tower challenges will be permanently available until the nebulous “end of Legion”

Of all the possible activities players can work on completing before Battle for Azeroth’s release, the Mage Tower challenges have been the most popular. And there’s a good reason for that! Outside of Tailoring’s various achievements, the challenge appearances for every Artifact will be unavailable once Legion ends.

Because of this, a lot of folks have been asking Blizzard to make the Mage Tower a permanent fixture on the Broken Shore. After all, with barely over two months to Battle for Azeroth’s launch and even less time until the pre-patch, there would likely only be a handful of windows left to actually attempt the challenges. Thankfully, it looks like Blizzard has heard players’ cries and is planning to allow healers several more opportunities to lose their minds over Jarod Shadowsong’s horrendous tanking:

Originally Posted by Ornyx (Official Post)
No specific details on timing at the moment, but we are planning to allow the challenge to be attempted at any time, regardless of the status of the Mage Tower, as we approach the end of Legion.

As said, nothing on timing to share at the moment, but we will share more details when we have them. For now, you can continue your attempts, get those strategies down, and work towards better gear to help you complete the Mage Tower!

Now, that’s all well and good, but it still leaves one major question lingering: What does Blizzard mean by “the end of Legion“? Sure, Legion ends when Battle for Azeroth releases. That’s a given. But in the past, the x.0 pre-patches have more or less marked the end of a World of Warcraft expansion. And if that’s the case here, we likely have 3-5 weeks less time than if it weren’t the case.

A lot of players — myself included — seem to think Blizzard means the pre-patch will mark the end of our ability to acquire the Mage Tower appearances. But that doesn’t mean all players do. The ones in the latter category are in for an unpleasant awakening if we lose out on the appearances as early as next month. It would be nice to have a definitive answer regarding “end of Legion,” just so everyone is on the same page.

Outside of that little aspect, though, it’s nice to see Blizzard responding to player feedback in this manner, and I know I’ll now be throwing in a few more attempts than I’d been planning. What attempts do you have left to complete? Whatever ones they are, good luck (especially to you healers)!

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