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WoWJul 9, 2018 3:00 pm CT

Duels are good, but Battle for Azeroth’s Dueler’s Guild will be great

Do you like dueling in WoW? Have you been somewhat frustrated at the lack of any content related to the one on one player combat experience? For years we’ve heard that World of Warcraft isn’t balanced for 1 v. 1 play, but it appears that enthusiastic duelers are finally going to have some content tailored especially for them. Namely, the Dueler’s Guild — a new kind of PVP activity that lets you finally get out there and go toe to toe with a single opponent to determine who’s the best.

But this isn’t as simple as dropping the duel flag and going to town. No, the Dueler’s Guild has rules and a method to its player against player madness. For starters, in order to participate in the Dueler’s Guild, you can’t discuss… oh, sorry, that’s a different group entirely. To take part in the Dueler’s Guild, you must first be level 120, and then you must enable War Mode — because Dueling is war, my friends. Next, head to the faction capital in either Kul Tiras or Zandalar and report to the War Headquarters. The Horde report to the Troll Guards, while the Alliance head to the Bouncers. It’ll be marked on your in-game map with a faction symbol, so it won’t be too hard to find.

What’s really fun and interesting about the Dueler’s Guild is that it’s not just participation only content — there will be a Spectator Mode built right in from the start. Horde players will speak to Hexpriest Junda, while Alliance will be chatting up Sea Seer Crystal to get a chance to watch the Duelists get busy.

But once it’s your turn, be warned — this is no simple duel. Each fight is one on one, but you’ll be expected to participate in three fights back to back with minimal time between each — not even enough time for your cooldowns to reset, in fact. You’ll need to win all three matches back to back in order to gain the Prize Fighter achievement. Win 50 duels and you’ll earn the Dueling Master achievement, plus a unique tabard. Defeat every class and you’ll earn the Thirty Six and Two achievement. Finish all three to earn Master of Duels, and the title of Contender will be yours.

There will be more to dueling in the Dueler’s Guild in the future — this is just the start of the chaos. So if you’re a fan of the one on one combat playstyle, there’s at last a place for you in PVP.

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