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DiscussionJul 19, 2018 8:00 am CT

Are all these legendaries really necessary?

In a really big in-case-you-missed-it, everyone’s got enough Wakening Essences in their Mythic chests for a free legendary as of Tuesday’s patch. Not only that, but you can now purchase whatever legendary you’d like from the vendor. No more RNG! And if you happen to have every legendary your little heart desires, you can still buy a token to mail to the alt of your choice — that, of course, is still up to RNG.

The thing is…how necessary are legendaries now? I suppose if you’re still raiding, you can grab whatever will help you out the most. Or you can look over what’s available and pick what’ll help you while leveling through new content in less than a month. But you can still only equip two of the things at a time — and once they are in your bags, they’re stuck there. You can’t vendor a legendary. You can’t destroy a legendary. It’s permanently taking up space in your inventory, whether you like it or not.

With that in mind, each of my alts has two legendaries — no more. If they already had two to begin with, their Wakening Essences are just sitting there unused. Frankly, I kind of wish Legion had gone with this system at the outset. As it is, my main has a glittering orange pile of junk in her bank that I’m never going to use. And while some of the models are admittedly pretty, they aren’t pretty enough to warrant giving them a permanent bank spot.

But that’s me — I like to collect things, so space is as always at a premium with me. I’m curious about you guys — are you collecting every legendary you can get your hands on? Are you filling up your bank with a sea of orange? How do you feel the legendary system worked in Legion? Did you like having a billion different random legendaries drop throughout the expansion? Are you a fan of the RNG of it all, or do you miss the days of completing lengthy expansion-long quest chains for orange items? Are you hoping we’ll see more legendaries in Battle for Azeroth, or are you burned out on the idea?

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