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DiscussionDec 26, 2018 8:00 am CT

What’s your favorite wintery in-game holiday event this year?

They’re not over yet, but with it being the height of the holiday season it felt like a decent time to ask if you were having a good time with Winter Veil in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and World of Warcraft, or Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland. I’m not actually that big a holiday event person, but I’ve been killing the Greench repeatedly to help out my wife and if even someone like me could get into the holiday spirit via putting the hurt on a yeti out in the Alterac Foothills, I figure you guys might have all sorts of stories.

I’m actually a bit bummed out that this year we’re not getting Winter Veil in Heroes of the Storm — I understand it with the recent decision to scale back development but I always felt the HotS skins were always very cool and inventive and I liked seeing people get excited when they got one they wanted. Likewise, while I don’t play much Overwatch, I really felt like this year’s Winter Wonderland had some awesome skins — this year the Krampus Junkrat skin and the Festive Reinhardt skin are my favorites, although I know everyone seems to love the Snow Fox Lucio and Sugar Plum Mercy skins.

But maybe you just don’t care — maybe the holiday has spurned your desire to attain something, or you’re just not a big player during the holiday events, or you just had other stuff to do and haven’t bothered with any of it. Do y’all feel like you got what you wanted out of this year’s holiday events? Were you excited for so much you can’t decide which was your favorite? Let us know.

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