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The QueueFeb 15, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Ashkandi returns

Hi. Matt’s sick, so this Queue is being answered by me. Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood.

I’m a sword.


Q4tQ: Are you watching the first weekend of the Overwatch League?

I am a sword.

But I am a sword with a big eye, so maybe? Depends on if I’m held near a monitor or screen with the stream on it, I suppose.


Q4tQ: Blizzard laid the ground work for quite a number of directions for us to go in the future, and I’m trying to figure out which stories will resolve themselves by the end of BfA and which will evolve to be multi-expansion plots. We have major threads about the Light vs. Void, Old Gods, Shadowlands and Death, and more all being teased. Do you think 8.3 will be the final content patch for BfA, or will we be getting 8.4?

As a sword, I think that cutting things down is always the best option, so I’m going to assume 8.3 is the final patch for Battle for Azeroth.


My Necromancer keeps telling me “No.”when I try to use an ability without having any essence.

Honey, I can delete you. Don’t tell me “No.”.

It’s best if we know what we are and what we’re good at. I never say no. I just slash things.


How do you unlock World Quests now? I have 3 120’s that I did every quest in every zone on and they unlocked. But I heard the fastest way to level is now to just do Island expeditions so I would want to level my 4th that way, but I thought I needed to do every zone if I wanted to unlock WQ?

Stab people? Have you tried stabbing people?

Oh, wait, I’m told that since you already have them unlocked on one character then all of your alts will have them unlocked. Otherwise you’d go to the same location as your mission table and look for the NPC who you talk to that would unlock them.

Still, I always recommend stabbing people. Or slashing them. Sword stuff, you know.


When are Warriors going to get Stances back? Do we miss them? (I miss them) Maybe just give them to one spec? It’s weird because mechanically, I think they had issues, but conceptually I liked them.

As a sword I have no real opinion but I know a lot of Warriors who miss stances. Rossi misses them, even if they were often more of a pain than they were worth. In a world where he could be in charge to design the class, he’d go with Battle Stance, Defensive Stance and Gladiator Stance, which he’d make baseline for all Warriors and which he’d make a balanced DPS stance for all three Warrior specs. Prot could DPS with a sword and shield, Arms would get some bonus maneuvers and Fury would just go ape and murder everything.

I approve of that last one.


Queue for the queue!

I remember in the early days of WoW, that it was said that the Light burns the undead… It’s why light based attacks had more effect on undead mobs, and why canonically, Forsaken couldn’t be light based classes (Their priests were supposedly shadow priests). Light based attacks didn’t affect forsaken players for gameplay reasons only.

Has that been retconned lately? Because I haven’t heard about it for a while, even though it should have been at the forefront of the conversation with Anduin being a light user, and Sylvanas being undead…. and there is a certain – spoiler alert – Lightbound undead in canon now. What is going on with this particular part of the lore?

Also, writing this, I just realised that this expansion is literally light (Anduin) vs dark/shadow (Sylvanas appears to use Shadow-magic based attacks)

Like all swords, I’m an expert in World of Warcraft lore. Seriously, just trust me — Never ask Quel’Serrar about the game. She will not shut up about it, and you will get dragged into minutia about the Black Empire vs. the Titan Forged for hours.

Anyway, Forsaken were always able to use the Light. Even some of the Scourge can use the Holy Light — Sir Zeliek, for example, could call upon the Light and use it in battle. The idea was that the Light caused pain to the Forsaken, and when a Forsaken was healed with the Light it felt more like having your wounds cauterized than actually healed, but it still healed them. That hasn’t changed. Any sufficiently strong willed Forsaken Priest can control and command the Light as well as any other.

Now, we have met characters such as Alonsus Faol so we know some undead are even more comfortable commanding the Light, but that doesn’t invalidate the idea that the Light is inherently painful to the undead. Nor does that pain bar the undead from using the Holy Light.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday. I don’t know when Rossi will need me to fill in for him next, but whenever that happens, I’ll be back. Stab things.

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