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The Queue: Guys, I just had an incredible idea

Like, just imagine this for a moment.  I know I’ve been anti-nostalgia in the past, but what if — just imagine this, cause it would be so weird — what if Blizzard just decided to go ahead and release vanilla World of Warcraft servers and let people play the game the way it was before The Burning Crusade came out?

I think this could actually work.

Anyway, until that happens, let’s do that Queue we often do.

The Queue: Behold your new tyrant lizard king

Today’s Queue header was brought to you by Phil Davis Giles, who tweeted it at me yesterday while I was recovering from my eye injections — you know, the ones I need to keep being able to see but which hurt a lot. So I was very appreciative to get such a cool picture, based on my ranting during last week’s Queue. Anyway, check it out in all its glory — I had to crop it to fit the Queue header, sadly enough — and also, here’s Scott Leyes excellent runner up.

Let’s Queue this.

The Queue: Oh no he’s going to talk about Barbarians again

Look, I’m really playing a ton of Diablo 3 right now. I’ll be back in WoW as soon as 7.3 drops, but until it does, I simply do not care about it at all. And I’m fine with that. D3 is absolutely holding my attention and the only reason I’m not Paragon 300 or more on my Seasonal Hero is because I don’t want to pull ahead of my wife who has been too sick to play this week, so I’m leveling some alts. My Crusader and my Monk are getting some love.

But come on, for me it’s always about the Barbarian and her OP for Torment VII Whirlwind build. I’m actually wearing the Immortal King helm, belt and using the Boulder Breaker so I can hit 4 piece IK and 6 piece Wastes (I have a ring that lets me hit a set bonus with 1 less piece, so I can hit those with 3 IK and 5 Wastes pieces) and it is sweet to have my Ancients always around while Whirlwinding for 800% damage and a ton of Fury.

Anyway, let’s talk Blizzard and games.

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