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Discussion > WoWFeb 25, 2019 8:00 am CT

Which Battle Pet has eluded you in spite of your best efforts to get it?

Finally. Finally. A guild member found me a Minfernal. It was the last pet I needed for Kalimdor Safari. I have needed this pet for years — yes, you read that right. Years.

Each meta collection achievement has its own quirky pets. In Kalimdor, you needed things like the Silithid Hatchling — which only spawns in Tanaris during a sandstorm. I collected that one as I was riding from Gadgetzen to the Caverns of Time. This Safari meta included Battle Pets from Cataclysm zones. Flying makes it easier, as does “Track Battle Pets” on your mini map. Still, the Minfernal eluded me.

Guild members needing this pet took to making Death Knights on the Brazilian servers because Minfernals seemed to be up all the time there. I never did. It was just low on the list of things to do. Honestly, my luck with these kinds of things is so bad, I figured I’d go to all the trouble of making a character and never see the pet up. While heading to our annual “Hide and Seek in Moonglade” event over the Lunar Festival, a guild member made a quick trip to Felwood to see if one was up. “GIMM! GIMM! I got one! Get to Felwood NOW!”

With patch 8.2 coming and a baby naga pet along with it, I’m working on finishing my meta collection achievements. There are others which have eluded me. In Raiding with Leashes: Cuteaclysm, I need the Tinytron, Drafty, and Blazehound. From Legion and the Broken Isles Safari, I need the Fledgling Kingfisher. I don’t necessarily do anything with my Battle Pets — I just collect them.

Having obtained the Minfernal, the pet which has eluded me the longest is that [insert swear words of your choice] Drudge Ghoul. Taming this pet would give me the Raiding With Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King achievement. It only drops on 10-man Icecrown Citadel. Unlike running Ulduar — where you can try for the elusive Mimiron’s Head mount and the pets at the same time — I have to make a choice between Drudge Ghoul or Invincible. I’ve decided my chances of getting Invincible are way lower than a Drudge Ghoul, so I’ve been running ICC for the pet.

So tell me, what Battle Pet eludes you? How long have you been farming for it? I’ve seen Ghouls on the Auction House but I’m not tempted — maybe you are — to buy that last pet I need for an achievement. How are you doing accumulating pets in Island Expeditions? I am extremely lucky with Snapper. Oh look, another one. Here, Arthas, wouldn’t you like a turtle in trade for a ghoul?

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