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WoWNov 5, 2018 6:00 pm CT

Everything you need to know about patch 8.2: Two new zones and tons of additional content

Flying is coming and with it a bee mount. That is all.

No? Oh yeah. There was something about the Naga and the Gnomes and new expeditions and an arena. All the news coming out for what’s in patch 8.2 can may have gotten lost in all the other news, so here’s a round-up of what has been announced.

Queen Azshara and the Naga

Remember Queen Azshara? Two months ago (which almost feels like six months ago), we saw her Warbringer video.

Since the release of this, there had been precious little information on just how she was going to figure into this expansion. Patch 8.2 will bring the Naga — and Queen Azshara — front and center.

We’ll head to the Naga home of Nazjatar after the events of Patches 8.1 and 8.1.5. The Naga assault both Kul Tiras and Zandalar and we must take the battle to Nazjatar to stop them. Jeremy Feasel (Muffinus) told Wowhead we’ll journey — via ships — to a large crack in the ocean where we will access the zone. This journey is precipitated by not only the attacks, but also by some strange events in Stormsong Valley involving eyeballs. He also said the zone is very large.

Expect there to be rares along the lines of what players experienced on the Timeless Isles. There will also be Naga architecture —bioluminescent with abyssal influences — which we’ve not experienced before, so players thinking “another Vash’jr” should be surprised.

The zone will also feature a raid, Azshara’s Eternal Palace. There will be eight bosses with a possible underwater boss, and Queen Azshara will be the final boss. There are new mounts and Naga-influenced gear.

Gnomes finally get their day

Moving from under the sea onto the land, Gnomes get major additions to their lore. Out in Tiragarde Sound, a solitary Gnome has you do a few quests in a junk pile. This pile is guarded by a mechanical cat which I know a lot of Gunters tried to tame. (You can’t and it’s deadly. Trust me on this.) Hidden inside this junk pile is a large gear which is rumored to be the entrance to a new outdoor questing area and a new dungeon.

Mechagon — a “mega dungeon” with two wings, similar in structure to Karazhan — arrives in patch 8.2. It will be Mythic only — at least to start — and have eight bosses with a final boss, King Mechagon. This previously unknown land mass has a race of Junker Gnomes who have replaced body parts with mechanical items. The more mechanical parts you have, the higher your social standing in Mechagon. Right now, we don’t have details on how we discover this land or what to expect from the Junker Gnomes.

[Editor’s note from an editor who is totally not Liz: Allied Race or riot.]

What else is coming?

  • Two new Island Expeditions: Crestfall and Snowblossom. The latter is inspired by Mists of Pandaria, and you can expect to see Pandaren wandering about.
  • Tauren and Gnomes will get the next sets of Heritage Armor.
  • The story revolving around the Alliance and Horde leaders continues. There are hints Horde will be called upon to make their allegiance to either Saurfang or Sylvanas clear.
  • Developers are working on an “escort system.” With this, you’ll have a buddy who has a story to tell you. As you journey with them, their story will further the lore of the expansion.
  • Heroic Warfronts. With this version, you will be able to queue with nine of your friends. The difficulty will be higher but so will the rewards.
  • On the topic of Warfronts, a return of a mechanic from the Burning Crusades Hellfire Peninsula PVP. There will be towers to capture and defend. Maintaining control will yield more resources for your faction.
  • A brand new arena called “Mechagon Arena.” This kicks off Season 3 PVP with Naga-themed gear.

This is a lot of new content. Jeremy Feasel said once patch 8.1 is deployed — December 11 — this new content goes up on the PTR. In spite of all of this — and it sounds incredibly exciting — I still maintain the absolute best news about 8.2 is baby Naga Battle pet.

I disliked Vash’jr, but Nazjatar appears to be dry, mostly, so I am very much looking forward to doing whatever I have to to get this pet.

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