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DiscussionFeb 27, 2019 8:00 am CT

Which dungeon are you going to try your best to avoid once Classic goes live?

Last week, I asked you what dungeon or dungeons you were looking forward to running when WoW Classic arrives. Surprise! This week, I want to hear what dungeons you want to avoid like the plague. Why don’t I start?

Gnomeregan. Wailing Caverns. Razorfen Downs and Kraul. Uldaman. Lower Blackrock Spire. Blackrock Depths. Maraudon. Sunken Temple. What do these all have in common? Length. I’m a big fan of any dungeons which aren’t overly long. If it takes me more than 45 minutes to run a dungeon, it’s too long. I can think back through all the expansions and come up with one which flaunts its length. I generally don’t like those.

“But, Deb! Scholomance, which you listed as your favorite, is also long!” It is, but the saving grace with Scholo is that each section is different. There was a story told in the bosses and the rooms. You went from killing students to killing teachers to killing whelplings to killing an aberration kept in the basement. Of all the ones listed above, I think the only ones with cohesive stories are Gnomer, Uldaman, and Blackrock Depths. Now, I could be partial to BRD because of the hours spent freeing Major Marshall for the Onyxia attunement quest line. To this day — if I have to go in there — I run over to the cell block and open the doors. I kind of miss him.

People mentioned liking Maraudon mainly because — after Cenarius — you came out into a wonderful area of turtles and light and waterfalls. The first time I ran it, it was breathtaking. But, needing to run both orange and purple sides meant you were in there for hours. Sunken Temple was just complicated. You had to find all the statues and turn them. And the final boss was NOT Jamal. Wailing Caverns? Unless I went with someone who knew the way around, I always got lost.

I think the title for the one I’m going to try to avoid most, though, goes to Dire Maul. I know this was on some people’s list for best dungeon. Once it was moved to dungeon status from raid status, it was broken into wings and you could do the wings at your leisure. You could spend a whole evening just running the dungeon. I will grant that the King of Dire Maul run was cool and I did enjoy the Shen’dralar library. It was a welcome respite from satyrs. But the place is huge and it took me years to remember where bosses were. I think I still have a Felvine Shard on one of my characters.

So, which dungeon are you not looking forward to running once Classic arrives this summer and why? Is there one I missed? One you’d definitely add to the list of “Nope, not going there” and why? I know I’ll wind up running these because there’s the “I remember this” factor — but that doesn’t mean I’m going to like it.

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