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DiscussionMar 15, 2019 8:00 am CT

What’s your favorite fight in Battle of Dazar’alor?

Now that everyone has had a chance to get into Raid Finder and see the fights, what do you think of Battle of Dazar’alor? This is definitely my favorite raid since we took on Lei Shen in the Throne of Thunder. I think it’s got great pacing and playing as the opposite faction for a third of it has been an interesting experience. Best of all there hasn’t been one of those encounters that just ends up being no fun. Fights like the Coven of Shivarra, Maiden of Vigilance, or Tichondrius during Legion just felt like a hassle to complete. Even after everyone got the hang of them, it only took a single mistake to really ruin your day.

The fight against High Tinker Mekkatorque is easily my favorite. It just delivers on everything I’ve come to expect from a Gnome engineer. There s everything from wandering Spark Bots who zap you if you get too close, teleportation, exploding sheep, and a World Enlarger to shrink your raid — which even works as intended — until Mythic difficulty that is. Having your shrunken compatriots jump into the Spark Bots to defuse bombs is the icing on the cake. Just don’t accidentally crush your friends with your big feet!

I love how everything works together to add to the complexity of the encounter, there’s never a dull moment. If the wrong tiny person gets stepped on, the people in the robots might not know the right combination of buttons to press and get a nasty Anti-Tampering Shock. It makes for a fitting end for Azeroth smartest gnome — unless he gets better of course.

Honorable mentions go to the Conclave of the Chosen and King Rastakhan fights. The Conclave is pure chaos by the end. Dealing with all of the different Loa’s abilities at once makes for some tense moments. Having an angry Krag’wa jump into your raid at the wrong time quickly turns a sure thing into a swampy mess. Getting to fight Bwonsamdi during the Rastakhan encounter is super interesting too. He’s never seemed to be all that interested in helping out poor Rastakhan, and it shows in how quickly he abandons the King. Rezan would never have run away like that.

What’s your favorite fight of the tier and why? Is there one that you just dread reaching? Where does Dazar’alor rank in your overall raid experience?

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