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Discussion > StarCraftMay 24, 2019 8:00 am CT

What would you want to see next for the StarCraft franchise?

So we just got the most recent StarCraft patch, 4.9.0 and its new co-op commander, Egon Stetmann and his mecha-zerg. And it has me thinking — what are we going to see in the future for the StarCraft franchise? We seem to have settled into a comfortable existence for StarCraft 2, with Twitch streaming and regular content releases like the co-op commanders, but it feels like a lot of wasted potential. StarCraft 2 and StarCraft: Remastered are two of the last real RTS games out there but it partly feels like a genre that time has passed on. But people said that about top down RPG’s before the current crop of them stormed out of Kickstarter and took the world by storm, so who knows? Perhaps there could be another StarCraft RTS.

Still, I keep remembering StarCraft: Ghost and wondering if there could be a new direction. Could we get a stealthy roguelike game in the StarCraft Koprulu sector? Considering how Ubisoft moved away from the original gameplay of the Assassins’ Creed games and towards a mix of stealth and RPG elements, perhaps Blizzard could go one step further and import both of those aspects into a game starring a Ghost operative like Nova or Kerrigan. While you’re at it, steal the ship combat from Black Flag or Odyssey and get all high tech with it.

Or maybe finally just bite down hard on the premise and make a StarCraft MMO. I mean, come on.

So I turn and ask y’all — what would you want to see from StarCraft? More of the same? A whole new genre of game? What’s the future for this franchise?

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