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WoWMay 27, 2019 6:00 pm CT

Gift of N’Zoth is sending secret messages to its true followers, but we don’t know what they mean

Did you keep your Gift of N’Zoth? Wanted to advertise your devotion to the biggest, baddest Old God around? Well now your efforts are paying off! The Gift of N’Zoth is sending whispers to its true followers, you know, those who weren’t afraid to appear crazy and rock a giant eyeball on their head.

The interesting thing about these whispers is that they don’t appear in the chat box. You just hear them in-game, causing you to wonder if maybe you’re going crazy — which is probably the point.

Ultimately, we don’t really know what these new whispers mean. We know nothing good is expected from N’Zoth’s direction, at least concerning the fate of the world and all.

But it’s incredibly unlikely that this is foreshadowing a new patch this coming week. The PTR has only been up for a month and the content is far from ready. Previous patch testing indicates we have another month to go at the very least. The whispers could simply be a cool in-game event or may be a precursor to a new questline, maybe to do with Magni’s efforts with the Heart of Azeroth or more Old God shenanigans with Xal’atath.

For those who completed the quest to remove the eyeball, you’re out of luck regarding the whispers. That quest was a permanent decision and it appears the toy lets you see the eye but doesn’t include the creepy audio. If you’re wondering what this is all about or haven’t yet done the questline, simply complete one of the Naga Attack! World Quests when it’s up (it’s the one that rewards the Unstable Manapearl buff). Azsharan Medallion will drop off of the Naga and start the questline where you investigate Shadow Priests’ former Artifact weapon despite all signs saying This Is A Very Bad Idea.

Regardless, the unexpected whispers have created an appropriately creepy event. For Void Elves, it provides a good roleplay point, letting you experience what Alleria Windrunner and your race go through on a daily basis. For others who dealt with a few bugs surrounding the buff, it offered immersion because the whispers just wouldn’t stop. Now we know how Deathwing felt. One bug will make the buff temporarily disappear upon relogging, while another causes the buff to reset itself and start the whispers all over again. You can even see the eyeball flickering briefly as it disappears and re-appears in the videos players have posted of the whispers.

There were even bugs that were involuntarily keeping the Gift of N’Zoth for those who tried to cleanse it. Some players turning in the quest “His Eye Upon You” after last week’s reset found the Gift of N’Zoth wasn’t actually removed upon quest completion and the buff stayed on. This was fixed in a hotfix on Friday and the quest now works as intended. If the buff somehow survived on you despite the hotfix, simply contact a GM to have it removed. Bugs and all, it feels exactly like the kind of chaos an Old God would be proud of.

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