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The Queue: Wrathion? I hardly know Ion.

I mean we’ve never actually spoken.

I have to say, so far I’m enjoying 8.3. No more faction conflict, a whole lot of Old God nonsense around, and I get to raid on a Fury Warrior again despite being geared like a circus clown. Two bosses down and a third boss to 5% on our first night of raiding, not too shabby. I mean, I keep getting belts from every single Major Assault I do and the Minors seem to have forgotten that gear can drop, but overall, I like what’s happening now.

Here’s the Queue. Matt’s enjoying WoW again.

How to do Horrific Visions in patch 8.3

If you liked the Mage Tower in Legion, then World of Warcraft patch 8.3's Horrific Visions is content that is designed to appeal to you -- it's content you can do solo or in a small group (up to five players) and it's designed to start off with ramping difficulty that will eventually force you out until you get better at the encounters and better geared to resist the sanity draining mechanic of the Vision.

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