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The QueueJun 20, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Unicorns vs. Narwhals is not a Two Bosses Enter

Okay, I know last week I yelled at y’all for asking nothing but Two Bosses Enter questions, but I swear asking you to pick between Narwhals and Unicorns is totally different. I mean, Narwhals already won (rightfully so), which makes it more of a statement of victor. But still. It’s not the same.

Also speaking of Splatfests… next month’s is the very last Splatfest of Splatoon 2. It’s Chaos vs. Order, so you obviously know what I’m voting for, but it still makes me very sad. It’s going to be the end of an era, y’all.

On that sad note, let’s Queue.


Do you think there was a lot of “17yo dating a 12yo” going on at Hogwarts? You gotta assume that would be frowned upon, but they’re all just crammed into the same place all year. It definitely happened, right?

That’s just weird. Hogwarts is weird.

You know what else bothers me about Hogwarts? Filtch. Why do they have Fitlch? The place is lousy with house elves, who are magic and work around the clock. Why do they have this squib guy pushing a broom? Is he on like a social welfare program for wizards?

The paintings are a whole can a worms. They’re effectively sentient facsimiles of the people, but trapped forever in a rectangle hellscape. Sure, if you’re Dumbledore, you can mosey around with your other paintings that are going to be everywhere. But if you were Quinton R. Forgetaboutus, welcome to staring at the corner for the nest 1500 years. That’s really messed up.

Y’know, I’ve gone down this rabbit hole before, and I’ve nearly fallen back down it several times since. But every time I do, I’ve learned to stop myself by reminding myself that Harry Potter is a children’s series. Sure, it gets progressively darker, and it has the sort of mythos that can appeal to all sorts of ages — but at its core, it’s still a children’s series.

Now, whether or not JK Rowling continually trying to expand the lore and give it more depth is helping my argument is another story… but still. The original series is meant for kids. They enjoy the ride without thinking about much beyond, “When will I receive my Hogwarts letter?”


Q4tQ: Are there two versions of Smoochums? I have the ghost pet, but sometimes when I’m passing through the woods I sometimes see what I think is a live Smoochums on a tree stump. I’ve been meaning to go over and look at him (or her) but I can never remember where kitty is when I mean to look for him.

So, what’s happening here is you’re doing things in the wrong order. Smoochums is but one star of my absolute favorite quest chain in this entire expansion — one I loved so much I wrote about as soon as I finished it — but the quest doesn’t start by Smoochums. It starts from Abby Lewis, who’s skipping around in a small town full of dead people. The rest is worth experiencing for yourself (even if you probably can guess at the ending), but I cannot recommend it enough. It’s available for both factions, and it’s exactly the sort of creepy quest that’s been missing from the game since the Eastern Plaguelands revamp.


Do you ever play different games at the same time, so you mix them up ?

I’m only playing WoW and HearthStone. Did some WoW “hard” solo for a while. So playing HearthStone this morning, after a really long and very good game (against Bomb Warrior…. boooh) I won and was going for one more:

For a sec (or 3) I thought I had to remember to repair my cards

Man, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve done this. One small but consistent thing I always try to do is auto-run in Overwatch when I respawn. I know why it doesn’t exist, but man, would having an auto-run option make my life so much easier. And I would stop hitting a pointless button all the time.

In the past, I’ve tried to hit my Fortnite hotkey for building things when I wanted to cross a gap… in WoW. I’ve hit the reload key in SO MANY games that don’t have a reload function. I’ve tried to use click-to-move after playing Diablo or HOTS. I try to double jump after spending too much time playing platformers. The list goes on.

I will say, some of the confusion of swapping games is minimized by having the same function bound to the same key. For instance, Shift + T is how I mount in WoW, so I made sure that it was the same case for FFXIV. It doesn’t work as well between genres, but it’s better than nothing.


Q4TQ: Let’s say that Blizzard is foolish enough to have us defeat N’zoth in 8.3. Do you think Blizz might rollback the void aspects of Shadow Priest using the argument that “all the Old Gods are dead/dormant so their power can no longer be tapped”?

Not at all! Personally, I don’t think we’ll kill N’Zoth, even if we do fight him. But even if we do, Old Gods aren’t the ultimate source of our power — the Void is. We have a long way to go before the Void is gone from the universe. And if that ever happened, I don’t think it would be as positive as we wanted.

We’ve seen what uncontained Light entities will do (Draenor/Yrel, anyone?), and the absence of Void would just mean facing the Light’s wrath.


Q4tQ (Annoy Red by Choosing This, Mitch):

Let’s say that Blizzard is foolish enough to have us defeat N’zoth in 8.3. Do you think Blizz might rollback the void aspects of Shadow Priest using the argument that “all the Old Gods are dead/dormant so their power can no longer be tapped”?

Absolutely I do.


Q4tQ/Mitch: During the recent developer insights video, Ion spoke at length about classes and how “they think that they’ve probably bolstered spec identity at the expense of class identity.” He also mentioned how “some specs are almost like an entirely different class, with entirely different abilities and a little bit of overlap”, and to me it sounded like he was talking directly at Shadow Priests. What is your take on these comments? Are you optimistic that Shadow may just regain some of the Holy themed utility spells we lost over the years, or nervous that Blizzard may change our thematic, Void aligned direction yet again?

I don’t really know how to take these comments, to be honest. Blizzard — and Ion — does a very good job of talking about issues, but the solutions still never match up in my head. Personally, I don’t want to regain any of our holy abilities. Or more accurately, I’m indifferent to that.

What I’d much rather see is Blizzard split Shadow off into its own class in order to allow Shadow Priests to stand out on their own, both in terms of lore and in terms of gameplay. I feel like Shadow Priests could be enough unique things that a dedicated Shadow Priest class could have two or three talent trees that allow for a choice between Void-based abilities, Psionic abilities, and “San’layn” sort of abilities.

I don’t think it will ever happen, but I really wish Blizz would just make Shadow its own class and stop lumping it under the Priest umbrella. Nothing in the game ever seems to even acknowledge that Priests can be Shadow, and it’s frustrating. Our own class mount scenario had Bronzebeard yelling at us about how bad the Void was and how we had to use the Light to stop it.


Q4tMitch: what are the ethical ramifications of pouring old god blood into local water reservoirs? Asking for a friend.

Q4tQ: let’s say the day comes that Mitch finally pops the question to Sylvanas. Would that be the time for “Mitch Yes”?

Once everyone is converted, there would be no worry of dissent.

I would rather serve than marry, to be honest. I like the dynamic that exists with her as Banshee Queen.


Q4TQ: On a scale of ”I don’t have skin anymore” and ”OHMYGAWD” how chilling is this Lament of the Highborne version by Sylvanas’ VA? (the amazing @PattyMattson)

Well, I legit got chills like 1 note into that song. Patty Mason is fantastic, and the background updates are beautiful. It feels like listening to a “full” version of a song versus an acoustic version. I’m actually writing this answer as I listen and I keep stopping my typing because it’s that powerful.

Also, what a wonderful note (no pun intended) to end on. Burn it, Patty. Burn it.

Wow, done already? I hope you enjoyed reading this Queue, and hope even more that you appreciated the fact that I didn’t fill it with the several remaining Two Bosses Enter from last week (which, yes, I still have).

Be nice to Rossi. Mostly because he’s DMing me this weekend in a DnD game, but also because he’s a decent fellow.

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