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The Queue: The Salmonids approach

Happy Wednesday, Queuefolk!

This weekend is actually the start of Big Run in Splatoon 3, and while it’s not the same as a Splatfest, it feels kind of like the Salmon Run equivalent of it, which I’m very excited for. I didn’t really play a whole lot of Salmon Run before this game, but I’ve been loving it so far and (after a small break for other games) am really excited to see if the drop rate on scales is better.

But that’s probably gibberish to most of you, so let’s do what we came here to do: Queue.

The Queue: #TeamGear all the way

I can’t believe we’re already here again, but it’s SPLATFEST TIME!!!! Or, well, it will be starting tomorrow evening. The question this time? What would you bring with you on a deserted island: Gear, Grub, or Fun?

Naturally, I’m #TeamGear because not only can you use gear to help acquire/make food and fun, it’s also Shiver’s team and Shiver is awesome. So, if you’re so inclined, feel free to tell me what team you’re on this weekend, even if you’re (gasp!) not playing Splatoon 3.

In the meantime, let’s have a Queue, shall we?

The Queue: The glorious return of Splatfests — Rock, Paper, or Scissors?

This weekend is one of those weekends I’ve been looking forward to for so long that it’s hard to believe it’s actually here. I speak, of course, of the return of Splatfests! As I’m sure I’ve mentioned at least once here, this is a brand-new Splatfest format, now featuring THREE sides instead of two (and a slightly different match-up format as a result).

I have no idea how it’ll go, but I’m excited all the same. Also, I’m leaning heavily toward #TeamRock because of Big Man, but I also really like Shiver’s (#TeamPaper) style.

Anyhow, while I think on that, we have a Queue to get to.

The Queue: Slicing with my Splatana

Well, I had a nice intro written all about Splatoon 3, but then the website logged me out and I lost it. So now, you get this pale imitation of an intro.

…Okay, the original wasn’t all that special anyhow. But it did include a nice tie-in to our first question which I’m just gonna dive righ

The Queue: Splathreen

Seriously, how could this Queue NOT be about Splatoon 3’s reveal announcement? And even if it’s not actually called “Splathreen,” I’m still going to call it that for now because I find it hilarious (and also, RIP Spla2n, the title we never got).

Anyhow, I’m very excited about Splatoon 3, even if it is a long way away.

But enough about that. It’s Queue time.

The Queue: Mushrooms? No thanks, I’m a Star

By most estimates, it’s been several years since the last Splatfest. By a calendar’s exactimates, it’s actually just been a little over two months. Whatever your sense of time, it’s, ahem, time for a new Splatfest. This one’s in honor of Mario’s 35th anniversary and pits one power-up against another, much stronger power-up. I will be fighting on the side of Team Superstar. I may even be wearing my IRL Splatfest tee for the occasion!

However, that will all have to wait for tomorrow. Right now, it’s Queue time.

The Queue: Harrumph! >:(

Look, I said I’d have fun no matter who won this year’s Splatoween Splatfest — and I did! — but I’m still a bit salty that, despite its pretty dominant lead in popularity, Team Trick lost once again. Also, Pearl and Marina swapping their black/white outfits was simple but fantastic and I am all about goth Pearl. Anyhow, those are the only results we’ll be discussing today.

Everything else? It’s all coming up Queue.

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