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Discussion > WoWJul 8, 2019 8:00 am CT

What do you hope happens to Azshara at the end of the Eternal Palace raid?

Tomorrow, the big raid of patch 8.2 officially opens, allowing World of Warcraft players to take on Azshara in her own domain. And even though we didn’t get a surprise cinematic at the conclusion of the Jaina fight in Dazar’alor, a not-too-subtle tweet from Terran Gregory hints that that may not be the case for the end of the Eternal Palace raid. Whether or not we do get a cinematic, however, the end of the raid is going to reveal an important piece of information to the player base at large — we’re going to see if Azshara actually dies at the end of the raid.

Now, I’m in the “there’s no way Blizzard would waste a character like that” camp, feeling pretty confident that Azshara isn’t going to actually die. She clearly has a plan set in motion — one which allows her to toy with us in a very “Lich King throughout Northrend” way. I don’t think she’d bring us here, much less at the seeming behest of Sylvanas, only to have her thousand-year plan all apart. Plus, there’s also a theory going around that all three Warbringers — Jaina, Sylvanas, Azshara — will be bosses in each patch, and each will survive. I kind of like that theory, and I’m willing to bet on it for the time being.

But I realize there may be others who feel strongly the opposite outcome will happen. Maybe Azshara will die, and we’ll see the fallout from that and what it means for her plans with N’Zoth (and likely Sylvanas). Maybe she dies but it was part of the plan. Or maybe she dies and we just get back to our little war, the whole N’Zoth thing a distraction to be dealt with another time.

Beyond whether Azshara lives or dies, though, I want to know what you hope happens in the aftermath of the raid. Does she collapse the walls of water around Nazjatar and attempt to drown us? Does she just… run away? Does N’Zoth intervene? What do you hope (or think) will happen at the end of the Eternal Palace raid?

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