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WoWJul 9, 2019 2:00 pm CT

Earn extra Rustbolt reputation and a toy that lets you fish anywhere with the Secret Fish achievements

Did you know there are secret fish hidden in the waters of Mechagon? Well, there are! And with a little (maybe a lot) of effort, this is a two-part fishing achievement will reward you with the amazing Hyper-Compressed Ocean toy.

Thanks to the wonders of Gnomish technology you’ll be able to carry an entire ocean right in your pocket! What’s better, you’ll be able to fish from this pocket-sized ocean and get almost any fish in the game. Anyone who wanders by can partake of the fishing. There are also reports of fishers getting the Turtle mounts and even Battle for Azeroth’s new Great Sea Ray.

In short, if you fish, you want this toy.

Secret fish of Mechagon

There are 10 different secret fish scattered around the island. Player Kiingy has created an amazing map that shows you roughly where you’ll catch each fish. These are wily creatures though and have been known to sometimes show up in other places on Mechagon. They also have a fairly low drop chance, so it might be time to listen to your most favorite podcast while you get to down to the business of fishing. Catching all 10 and returning them to Angler Danielle will reward you with the achievement Secret Fish of Mechagon and a pair of Secret Fish Goggles to call your own.

If you’re still struggling to get the reputation with the Rustbolt Resistance necessary to unlock your flying, these secret fish know just the right secret to help you out. When you bring any of these to Angler Danielle she’ll give you 25 reputation with Rustbolt. You’ll be able to turn in these fish once a day for the same rep. 250 rep isn’t a lot, but it does add up over time. Plus fishing is perfect for relaxing after your twentieth kill of Rustfeather without getting the Rusted Keys to the Junkheap Drifter!

Secret fish and where to find them

Armed with your brand new Secret Fish Goggles, you’re ready to learn the wildest secret yet. There are fish all around us! They’re just invisible! Wearing the goggles lets you see them as they swim by, and simply right-clicking the fish will catch them. No tedious fishing pole required. Collecting all thirty different fish will net you the achievement Secret Fish and Where to Find Them, and the aforementioned Hyper-Compressed Ocean.

Finding all 30 fish for the achievement is going to send you all over Azeroth. You’ll even have to go to Argus to collect the Dead Fel Bone. Others like the Veiled Ghost, Deadeye Wally, Quiet Floater, and Spiritual Salmon require you to be dead before they’ll show up. The rest have names that suggest where you can find them. If you run into trouble or need a hint Warcraft Secrets has a guide to these tough to find fish.

Now get out there and fish until your bags are overflowing with more fish than you know what to do with. Just remember one thing — don’t fish too deeply.

 The fish know all the secrets. They know the cold. They know the dark.
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