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DiabloJul 22, 2019 2:00 pm CT

Games to play while we wait for Diablo 4

We’ve got a lot of time between now and Diablo 4. The next entry in Blizzard’s action RPG series is deep in development, but we’re still sitting here with nothing to play — and we can’t even go outside. While we wait for Blizzard to deliver, all we can do is peruse the internet for alternatives. Thankfully, there are quite a lot of them. Here’s the best games to play while we wait for Diablo 4.

Path of Exile

The most obvious choice is Path of Exile, if only because it’s free to play and designed to be as close to Diablo as you can get. The game has been around for a long time and therefore has a lot of dedicated players, so you won’t be wandering the game world alone. It also evokes a lot of the dark fantasy feel you get out of Blizzard’s game. Like Diablo and other action RPGs, you roam around collecting loot and improve your character in a vast skill tree.

If you’re looking to play Diablo, but you’ve burned through the existing content ten times over, you really can’t go wrong here.

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is a PC action RPG just like Diablo. It carries the same dark fantasy vibe and generally functions just like the game it’s based off of. You’ll find tons of quests and skills, and monsters to engage with. The game also has a lot of classes to choose from, with class and mastery combinations that offer a lot of variety.

Buying the game and all of its expansions can be a bit expensive, but judging from the people who really get into it, it’s worth it.


Wolcen is the action RPG that a lot of people have been talking about in the same sentence as Diablo and Path of Exile. This game offers the same type of gear and talent trees as Blizzard’s game but with a few more systems on top of that. The game was definitely made by fans of Diablo 2. A big difference is that it doesn’t have classes, you can build out your character in any way you want. There’s a reason why this game blew up on Steam and consequently Twitch. People have been looking for a game to sink hours into for a while now.


Both Torchlight and its sequel Torchlight 2 are still available and hold up well in 2019. Runic Games set out to make a slightly more charming version of Diablo and they nailed it for the most part. While these games aren’t for everyone, they definitely touch on what makes Blizzard’s games so compelling.

The best part is that they’re both relatively cheap because they’ve been out for a while.

You could also hope that you get into the Torchlight 3 closed beta. The game is due to be out this year, but for now it’s in limited availability. The third game brings back pets and a whole fort building system that wasn’t in the original two games. Even if you can’t get access to play it, it’s something to keep an eye on.

Warhammer: Chaosbane

Warhammer: Chaosbane just came out and though it’s getting mixed reviews, it might be what you’re looking for. It’s a (kind of) Diablo-like game for anyone who’s super into the Warhammer fantasy universe. You can’t really go in expecting something entirely unique and genre-bending, as it seems like a pretty standard action RPG with modern design ideas. If you really need to just dig into a game like this, consider Eko Software’s latest.

And we’re still waiting for news…

For anyone who is patient enough to wait for Diablo 4, we’ll probably hear more about it this year — even if BlizzCon doesn’t happen. Whether or not there will be a playable beta is still up in the air. And at this point, it’s hard to tell if the mobile game Diablo Immortal will be available any time soon. It’s fine that we have all these alternatives, but sometimes you want the real thing. So, Blizzard if you’re listening to this: we need it now.

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